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Beginners Guide To Golf

"Beginners Guide To Golf"

Price: $1.99

Personal Use Ebook

This ebook is ideal for anyone who is a golf novice

"Just took up golf" - Buy it now! "Want to take up golf" - Buy it now!

If you're thinking of taking up the great game of golf, or you've just started playing golf, this is the e-book for you.

This ebook is full of valuable tips, such as:

    * What is Golf?
          o The Golf course explained
          o Different types of golf courses
          o How to join a golf club
          o What to find at a driving range
          o Advice on visiting a driving range
          o How and where to practice
          o The Scorecard explained
    * Golf Equipment
          o What does a set of clubs consist of?
          o A more advanced guide to clubs
          o Club head materials
          o Club head construction
          o Custom fitting
          o Other golf equipment
    * Golf shots explained
          o Hook /Slice
          o Push / Pull
          o Sky
          o Duff / Fat
          o Thin / Top
          o Shank
          o Draw / fade / fresh air
          o Pitch / Chip / Put
    * Game Formats Explained
          o Stroke play
          o Stableford
          o Bogey / par
          o Matchplay
    * Game Types Explained
          o Singles
          o Fourball
          o Foursomes!
          o Greensomes
          o Fensome or St Andrews Foursomes!
          o Bloodsomes
    * Other Golf Games
          o Texas scramble
          o Skins
          o On the perch
          o American points
          o Flag
          o Yellow Ball
    * The Handicap system
          o How does it work
          o Category handicap range
          o Stroke index
          o Qualifying competitions
          o Standard Scratch Score SSS
          o Qualifying Score
          o Nett Differential
          o Buffer zone
          o Exact v Playing handicap
    * The Rules of Golf
          o Section 1 - Etiquette
          o Section 2 - Definitions
          o Section 3 - The rules of play
    * Glossary
          o A complete dictionary list of words and terms used in golf.

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