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"The Essentials of Golf Equipment "

To play the game of golf, it is essential that one has the proper golf equipmentGolf equipment can be a costly investment, as there are so many gimmicks and gadgets being sold to improve one’s game.  However, for the weekend duffer, nothing more is needed than the essentials: golf clubs, a bag to carry the clubs in and golf balls.

According to United States Golf Association rules, a golfer should carry no more than fourteen clubs in the bag.  The essential clubs needed are a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges and a putter.  The golfer can mix and match the number of particular clubs to suit his game as long as he does not exceed fourteen clubs.  Golf is not an inexpensive game, as the average golfer will normally spend between $500 and $1,000 to purchase a complete set of clubs.

Golf bags are an essential part of golf equipment because it would be impractical, if not impossible, to haul fourteen clubs and golf balls around a golf course.  Bags can be made of fine leather but most golfers usually use some sort of lightweight nylon bag.  It is advised that a golfer choose his bag based on how he will primarily be getting around the course.  If he will primarily be riding on a golf cart, he may want to choose a larger bag that will accommodate more accessories, balls, towels, etc.  If he plans on walking, then a light bag with a comfortable shoulder strap is recommended.  Many of the light, nylon bags are being made with retractable legs that will allow the walking golfer to prop up his bag while on the course.

Golf balls are usually sold in boxes of three, called sleeves.  Many times it is most economical to purchase packages that include five or six sleeves.  The two main balls sold are balata and two-piece balls. Balata balls are made with a hard rubber core, wound with rubber bands, and covered with balata (a soft, plastic cover).  The two-piece ball is normally a large, hard rubber core, surrounded by a surlyn cover.  Surlyn is a hard plastic that is more resistant to nicks and cuts.  The balata is softer, but most advanced golfers feel they can shape the flight of the ball easier than with a two-piece ball.

There are other pieces of golf equipment that the beginning golfer may wish to obtain.  The first is a pair of golf shoes.  Golf shoes range in variety from wingtip, to tennis shoes, to sandals.  Most shoes made today come with soft rubber spikes, to assist the golfer in setting his feet into the ground.  Another recommended piece of equipment would be a golf glove.  After a day of swinging a club around 80 times, blisters can form on the grip hand if not protected by a glove.  Other pieces of golf equipment that should be considered are golf tees, ball markers, a club brush and an umbrella, for rainy days.