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"Golf Tips "

Let’s face it, golf is a very difficult game, and most of us do not apply the time needed toward practice to improve ourselves.  The majority of people that play the game do just that – play the game.  We hope that through the course of a round, we can pick up some problems in our swings that we can use the next time we go out to the course.  However, to make a marked improvement, we should practice in between rounds.

The best thing we can do to improve our respective games is to head to the driving range as much as possible.  Repeatedly striking balls will help you develop the muscle memory required to develop a consistent golf swing.  When hitting balls at the range, place a golf tee into the ground three inches behind the ball and another one three inches in front of the ball.  Also place a long club, preferably a driver, at your toes, parallel with tees.

When you begin to hit balls with this alignment, you should make sure that your clubface is going straight over the tees when making contact with the ball.  Your back shoe should pivot against the club shaft laying on the ground.  It is recommended that you try to focus on a high follow-through after striking the ball, and also turning your hips toward the target.

Most driving ranges will have a practice green or mound that you can pitch onto.  You should spend a significant amount of time working around this area because most amateur golfers do not place their approach shots on the green.  There is normally a flag that you can aim towards as a target, so experiment with various shots to the target.  For these short pitches, choke down on the pitching wedge a little, don’t be afraid to swing the club (decelerate), and avoid the tendency to raise your head and follow the flight of the ball.

Finally, practice your feel for putting on the manicured practice greens that are at most driving ranges.  Use three balls and try to hit three putts from the same spot.  You should begin by putting from a distance of three feet from the hole, and increase the distance of the putts throughout the practice session.  Also, keep in mind that you should be “target putting” – that is, trying to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.