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"Time Management for College Students"

Being in college is hard, especially if you are the active, workaholic type. You get to experience lack of resources, from money to time to paper and almost everything. Most of the students who can't manage their resources either end up failing in their subjects or losing something equally important, like social groups or physical feats. In this article, you will learn a thing or two about organizing a very important asset: time.

Unlike in high school, subjects are scattered in a sense that you might even get one afternoon off, meaning you don't have classes. On the other hand, you might even have classes that end longer than the regular high school class, like 7:00 pm. In college, your teachers can be very demanding; a non-major subject might require you pages and pages of written report about something you're not interested. You might even work part-time to sustain everyday expenses in order to help your parents lessen their financial worries. Almost anything and everything can happen in college. Time management is important in order to do everything with equal amount of attention and same, effective results.

Time management is a set of skills, tools, and systems that work together to help you get more value out of your time in order to make your life easier. There are various ways to manage time, but these are the most common and effective among us college students:

   1. Know your priorities. It can't be avoided that things happen at the same time; you have to be absent in one occasion to attend to the other. Just make sure that you'll be sacrificing the event of less importance or that someone else can do for you. Example, you have a group research and a basketball game at the same time. You can actually have several options; you can research on your own in advance then submit what you've done when you're free, or ask permission from your coach if you can skip the game if the research is really urgent. Put first the thing that's more important.
   2. Systematize with the help of an organizer. With an organizer, you can write your daily, weekly and monthly activities and have a look on how hectic or free you are. It helps in a way that you'll know when you can insert or move engagements. You can assess the things you have done, you have to do, and have to reschedule. With a planner, you can easily remember your activities for the day.
   3. Stay optimistic. Things may not work out the way you planned them to; but hey, there's always a reason behind every downfall. Your teacher can be very demanding, but don't forget that he too will be busy checking your works. At least you're even. You may have all the help you can get but if you don't discipline yourself, nothing will happen.

There's no such thing as perfect time management. Still, you can get as close to perfect when you feel you have accomplished everything you have to do. Isn't it nice to sleep stress-free?