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"Self Improvement Starts with Making Decisions"

There is a great gap between hoping and wishing for a change to occur in your life, and aggressively pursuing the decision to initiate change in your life.

You remember your New Year resolutions? These are not decisions, they are the products of wishful thinking. People who indulge in wishful thinking will probably not succeed in initiating change in their life. They believe that if the wishes come true they will become happier but the chances that that will happen are quite small. The odds are about as great as winning the lottery.

Decisions are quite different. A person who makes a decision is fed up with his current conditions and is willing to take steps to actively get what he or she wants. He or she is ready to do his homework, maybe consult a professional, create a plan of action, and then proceed to undertake extensive and consistent steps to make changes. Decisions require 100% of our commitment. We also have to be ready to make follow-up steps regardless of the demands on us.

Our current status in life is based on decisions we pursued in the past, or maybe the lack of it. Some people flit about from lackluster decision to bad decision or perhaps even dodge making decisions altogether. Such people find their lives have turned out not to their satisfaction but should realize that they could get the best out of their lives if they only chose to make the decision to change. It all starts with one decision.

For those who start changing their lives positively and reap greater success and happiness, they can rely on coaching programs, seminars, audio programs and self-improvement books to help them through the process of change.

The people who maintain control over their minds and their emotions are the ones who are the most fulfilled in this life. Such people have a conditioned response to make decisions – after they have decided, they do not reconsider their decision. Such people are always looking for ways to improve themselves and are aware that regardless how good they think they are, there is always room for improvement. Such people know that happiness and fulfillment is based on their consistent growth and contribution based on self-improvement ideas.

There is power behind a truly committed decision. This is a key self-improvement idea. But most of us find it hard to stick to a decision since life is a struggle to change our lives and steer our ship to the harbor we are looking for.

Take control of your decisions so you can take control of your actions. A truly committed decision allows you to devote your energies to the outcome in your mind that you are devoted to.