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"Herbal Medication For Depression "

Clinical depression is a serious mental illness that can have dire consequences if it is left unchecked. When prescription medications don't seem to be working, or a more natural route is desired, options are available. Some people find herbal medication for depression gives them the boost they need. Herbal medication for depression can be particularly useful when it is combined with other forms of therapy.

There are a number of herbal medication for depression options that have proven themselves quite useful. Their use, however, isn't always backed by clinical studies. Some do come with precautions, as well. Despite some potential pitfalls, many users find herbal medication for depression can help them out.

Common Herbal Medication For Depression Options

There are a number of common herbal medication for depression that people use for mild cases, or even in more serious cases when other forms of therapy are also present to keep the symptoms in check. They include:

• St. John's wort - This herbal remedy for depression is a favorite among many patients. It is fairly affordable, easy to find and easy to take. It does have some potential side effects, however. It can also interact very poorly with prescription antidepressants. Considering this, it is important to exercise caution when using this herbal medication for depression.
• S-adenosylmethionine - This is an amino acid that is believed to help stabilize neurotransmitters in the brain. It has only a few minor side effects and no known interactions with other medications. This herbal medication for depression has not been very well studied, however.
• Ginkgo biloba - This herbal remedy for depression is rather widely used. It does come with a few side effects and is known to interact with certain medications. It is recommended that patients carefully review the precautions and let their physicians know about its introduction into routine. Despite some warnings, this herbal medication for depression has held up fairly well in clinical trials in regard to its effectiveness in treating several mental-related conditions.
• Siberian ginseng - This herbal medication for depression has shown a great deal of promise in studies. It does have a few known side effects and interactions with other medicines. It is advised that a physician be consulted before introducing this herbal medication for depression into routine.

There are a number of other possible herbal medications patients with depression might consider. If depression is truly clinical in nature, however, it is wise to seek out professional counseling before taking any medications, herbal or otherwise. In cases of depression, therapy might also be in order to help people really combat their symptoms effectively.