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"Different Kinds Of Lucid Dreaming Techniques"

Lucid dreaming techniques are ways for the mind to be aware when it is in the state of dream. People use lucid dreaming techniques for various reasons ranging from pure control to alter states of the dream environment for pleasure to solve anxiety problems and gaining confidence. The process of controlling the dreams takes a lot of dedication and effort but it would surely gives a lot of benefits, for one a better understanding of your dream life. Check out the following lucid dreaming techniques to would help you alter, control and increase your level of awareness while in a dream state.

One of the first lucid dreaming techniques you should exercise is paying close attention to how you sleep. You need to have an idea as to when is the best time to have a lucid dream. You should keep a journal by your bedside so you can write down your dreams the moment you wake up. Always record the time you woke up from a dream and the time you went to sleep. When you enter the Rapid Eye Movement stage of your sleep, that is when lucid dreaming occurs. A simple lucid dreaming technique you can use is waking up earlier than the usual time you wake up, stay conscious for about an hour and a half then go back to bed to sleep again. This process would help you gain a semblance of control over your dream since the brain would immediately go back to the REM stage while you are still half awake.

The Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming technique is one of the most practiced lucid dreaming techniques. This lucid dreaming technique is conditioning you mind that you will be lucid during your next dream. Once the person gets to bed, the mind will be conscious and concentrate on remembering a previous dream. By constantly repeating in your head that “I will remember this dream” over and over, it would direct the brain to pay close attention to the next dream. You will be aware that you are in a dream state the moment the dream begins.

The dream journal then would help your look at your dream schedule. The journal then would record all your dreams and also help you determine which are the most effective technique. Remembering all the details would help you to be more aware of your dreams. Reality checks is another lucid dreaming technique that you should master. The trick is to perform reality checks while awake so when you are in a dream you can use this technique to check to recognize that you are in a dream state.

Your daily life problems can be solved, by going to a relaxed state provided for by lucid dreaming techniques.