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How to Have a Healthy Dog

"How to Have a Healthy Dog"

Price: $1.49

Personal Use Ebook

"Discover How You Can Insure That Your Dog Is The Healthiest Pet Alive!”

Dear Dog Owner,

If you were asked if your dog is healthy and happy, how would you respond?  Do you really know how to “read” your pet?

Fido” can’t speak for himself and relies on you to be his eyes and ears for everything in his or her world.  That means everything, from what is the best diet to reading the signs of illness.

Sounds like “easier said than done,” doesn’t it?

Well, we can’t teach you how to speak “canine,” but we can give you the tools to reach a better understanding of what life is like for your pet.

Starting today, learn the facts about what your dog really needs to survive longer and healthier. 

If you are looking for a book on how to train your pet or how to engage in obedience training, this is not the book for you. 

How to Have a Healthy Dog is for the dog owner who wants to better understand the health of their pet so they know when it is appropriate to take serious action to assist a vulnerable or ailing dog.

Did you know?

Are you giving your dog nutritional food?  Walk down the aisle in the grocery stores and you will see every kind of dog food that you can imagine.

Are you randomly selecting your pets diet based on what’s the cheapest?  Go ahead, admit it. . .most of us do, but we are really short changing our pet when we buy based on cost.

Discover what the best food is for your pet, not the thousands of other dogs on the planet.  By all means, comparison shop, but don’t cut your pet short on his diet to save a few pennies.

How to Have a Healthy Dog will reveal what you need to do in order to assure that your pet is getting the proper nutrients for his size and age.  Remember. .knowledge really is power!

Down to the “nitty gritty”

Do you think that you have taken every precaution to see to it that your dog does not become ill? Well, let’s see.  Are you under the impression that “distemper” and “rabies” are the same illness? 

You’d be surprised how many people believe they are the same.  They aren’t and each needs to be treated properly.  We’ve all been there and believe we know everything there is to know about our pets.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

More Burning Questions. . .

We are all familiar with the “standard” diseases that we hear about in dogs.  But, rabies, distemper and parvo are not the only diseases our dogs are vulnerable to.  There are others that, while they are familiar in the veterinary world, we know nothing about.  See if you can identify these:

Get the answers to these questions and much more from How to Have a Healthy Dog.  Don’t wait.  Grab the information you need to put your pet on the road to good health and nutrition!

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Harry Patel

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