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Dog Training 101

"Dog Training 101"

Price: $9.98

Personal Use Ebook

Do you have a new dog or puppy?

Dog Training Secrets Revealed

Deciding to add a dog or puppy to your family is a big decision. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Dogs require a lot of care and training. If you are willing to take the time to train your new dog or puppy, you will have a great companion for many years. A dog can create many happy memories for a family. However, sometimes people do not understand the commitment required when getting a dog or puppy. They do not know how to correctly train their new four-legged friend. Sometimes the new dog or puppy ends up in an animal shelter because the owner did not know how to stop the bad behaviors.

Dogs and puppies have to be taught how to behave. They have to learn what behaviors are right and which ones are wrong. Dogs want more than anything to please their owners. They crave the love and praise they receive when they have done something right. Dogs need to learn what is expected of them. They do not want to do bad things. If they are not taught how act they will continue to do the wrong thing. Many people simply just do not know how to train their dog.

Do you know how to housebreak a puppy? Do you know what the proper ways of correcting your dog if they have an accident in the house are? Did you know if you use the wrong discipline, you could make the dog have more accidents? Do you know the signs to look for to tell when the dog needs to go outdoors to use the bathroom? Would you know how to correctly use a crate when training your new dog or puppy?

Many people do not know the answers to these questions. They get a dog or puppy and think the new pet will come already housebroken. They do not realize how much of a mess puppies can make by chewing. That cute and furry puppy can soon become a walking paper shredder. Anything that is in the puppies reach will be slobbered on and chewed up. Without the proper training, a dog does not know what is expected of him.

Can you walk your dog on a leash without them pulling you down the road? Does your dog try to chase every person and animal they see? These problems can be fixed with some simple training techniques. Training your dog to walk on a leash is very important for both of your safety.

Does your dog insist on getting on the furniture? Have you tried everything to stop that bad habit? Is your sofa always covered in dog hair? Does your chair smell like a wet dog?

Does your dog dig in the yard every chance they get? Do you know why some dogs dig? Do you know how to stop your dog from digging up your yard?

Does your dog beg at the dinner table? Have you tried many times to stop the begging? Does your dog bark at every single person or animal that goes by? Do your neighbors complain that your dog is always yapping?

There’s A Solution to All of Your Dog Training Needs

What if you could learn how to train your dog? Would you like to know the secrets to housebreak a puppy? What I am about to tell you about will answer all of your dog training questions. You will discover what the most important factors are when training a dog. These factors will ensure you are successful when training you dog.

You will learn how to break your dog of chewing everything in sight. Learn what type of chew toys you should be getting for your puppy. You will find out how to discipline your dog correctly for chewing. Did you know there are things that should not be given to a dog to chew on? Some chew toys can pose a danger to your dog’s health.

You will also learn how to get your dog used to using a crate when you are not home. Crates make great training tools when used properly. You will learn what the recommended time left in a crate is for different ages. Do you know the best places to keep the crate in your house? Would you know what type of crate is best to buy for your dog?

This solution answers all your questions about finding a dog trainer. You will learn what to look for and if you really need one. Many of the things you would learn at dog obedience class you could do yourself at home. All you need to know is how and this will show you. This is the same information the professional dog trainers use.

Are you wondering what this great solution to all of your dog training needs is? Here’s the answer

Dog Training 101 “Tips and Tricks The Professionals Use

Main Benefits of E-book

1) Learn how to housebreak your dog.
Housebreaking is one of the hardest things to accomplish when training your dog. Many people do not understand what it takes to house train a dog. They give up and end up finding the dog a new home or taking it to the shelter. Many dogs in animal shelters are there because their owners could not successfully housebreak them. Some of these dogs end up losing their lives for something that could have been fixed had their owner known the right way to do it.

2) Training your dog to walk on a leash.
Dogs need to learn how to walk on a leash. If they are not taught, the dog will drag you down the road. Training a dog to walk on a leash can be quite simple. It just takes patience and consistency. Leash training is very important for your dogs and your own safety.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

Special Price of Only $9.98

To find out all of this information on your own you could spend hundreds of dollars by buying every dog training book available , or by going to an unneeded dog obedience class. Why spend that kind of money when you can have all of the information you need for training your dog for only $ 12.98.

This is a great deal. You could not find this information for this price anywhere else. Save yourself the headaches of searching through different books when all of the information is right here in one place. This information is what you would learn from a dog trainer. Why pay the expensive price to hire a trainer when you can do it yourself. Dogs are more comfortable with their own owners. They will be more willing to be taught when they are comfortable. Avoid putting your dog through the stress of dealing with a stranger.

What would you give if you knew the secret to keeping your dog off the furniture? How great would it be to sit down on the sofa and not worry about being covered in dog hair?

Do you want to learn how to teach your dog basic commands like sit, stay, and come? You can also learn how to teach your dog to fetch and shake. The information found in this E-book is the same that the professional dog trainers use.

Learn how to stop your dog from begging at the dinner table. Make your dinner time a peaceful one without the dog pestering everyone. Avoid the embarrassment when you have company over.

100% 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you're not totally thrilled with “Dog Training 101 “Tips and Tricks The Professionals Use”” for whatever reason at all, simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money with the click of a button.
You've got a full 90 days to try out the material. This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee I like to adopt.
Look at it this way - $9.98 really is a drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you can save yourself by avoiding all the other books and tutorials out there. Why spend a fortune learning how to train your dog, when you can do so for a much better price? You can teach your dog all the commands they would learn at obedience class from the comfort of your own back yard. This information is the same stuff the professional dog trainers use. Get all the information you need here for a great price.

Special Price of Only $9.98



P.S. Remember when I mentioned the main factors you need to remember when training your dog. These factors will help you have the best-behaved dog on the block. Do not miss your chance to learn the secrets and tips the professional dog trainers use.

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