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Pets Ebooks

For some they may be the only family, while for others they are part of the extended family. Whatever the case, pets bring joy and companionship to all those who are willing to give back the same love and affection that our pets offer unconditionally to us.  Whether it is choosing a name for the newest addition to the family, creating healthy meals and diet for your pets, training and exercising them or even giving them that special treat and pampering, our Pets Ebooks range will offer plenty of useful and practical ideas and advice. 

Show your pets just how special they are to you, by providing the best care for them, and looking after their health and well-being.  That way, they will keep you and your family company for years to come.

Pets Titles

Big Book of Pit Breeders

"Big Book of Pit Breeders"

See firsthand why pit bulls are NOT purchasing your very own pitbul...

Price $1.99

Big Book of Puppy Names

"Big Book of Puppy Names"

Your puppy's name says a lot about them...and about YOU...get it right the first...

Price $1.99

Chow Chows Revealed

"Chow Chows Revealed"

Chow Chows Revealed - Want to know the best part of this book, other than the ex...

Price $1.49

Dieting Your Dog

"Dieting Your Dog"

Dieting Your Dog takes a new unbiased look at both the commercial brand dog food...

Price $2.49

Dog Bite Prevention

"Dog Bite Prevention"

Get The Facts From 7 Top Dog Trainers/Behaviorists and Learn How To Prevent Dog ...

Price $1.99

Dog Training 101

"Dog Training 101"

What if you could learn how to train your dog? Would you like to know the secret...

Price $9.98

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