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Nintendo DS Cheats Ebook

"Nintendo DS Cheats Ebook"

Price: $0.99

Personal Use Ebook

Fantastic eBook full of Ninteno DS Cheats

Are you fed up of spending hours searching the web for game cheats? Do you get annoyed with all of those pop-up adverts and videos stopping you from getting to the cheats you are looking for?

Have you ever bought a hard-back cheats book but found that the cheat you are looking for isnt actually included in the book because the book is out of date?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need the Nintendo DS cheats eBook. Let me show you the benefits of this eBook:

1. This eBook is updated as soon as a new cheat is discovered, you only need to buy this eBook ONCE and you will recieve FREE updates for life.
2. If you want a cheat that isnt included in the eBook you can request a cheat (FREE of charge!) and we will add it to the eBook within 24hours!
3. Each cheat comes with a "Printable" option so you dont have to keep flicking through a hardback book to find the cheat you are looking for. Simply print of the cheat you need and when your done throw it away!
4. Never have to find another cheat again. As this eBook is regularly updated with the newest cheats you will never have to search around for cheats yourself, every cheat you will ever need will be in this eBook; and remember; if you cant find a cheat you can request it and the cheat will be added within 24 hours!

Here is a list of cheats currently in the eBook.

* Another Code DS
* Asphalt: Urban GT
* Electroplankton
* Feel the magic XY/XX
* Goemon Mystical Ninja DS
* Goldeneye Rouge Agent
* Jam with the Band
* Kirby Canvas Curse
* Meteos
* Metroid Prime: Hunters
* Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt Demo
* Mr Driller Drill Spirits
* Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends
* Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends
* Nintendogs: Lab & Friends
* Pac Pix
* Pictochat
* Ping Pals
* Puyo Pop Fever
* Rayman
* Ridge Racer DS
* Spiderman 2
* Super Mario 64 DS
* Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2005
* Trace Memory
* The Urbz: Sims in the City
* Wario Ware Touched!
* Yoshi Touch & Go
* Zoo Keeper

Remember - This eBook comes with full resell rights, so you can resell this product and make a tidy profit!

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