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Games, Tips & Cheats Ebooks

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in a level in a real good game, well, perhaps other than having to go online to trawl through the pages of information just to look for tips and cheats.  In the Games, Tips & Cheats section, we bring you one of the most comprehensive resources for your console games.  No matter if you are a diehard Xbox fan, a Playstation aficionado or a Gamecube addict, we have all the major brands and game titles in our range.  For those who like to take their gaming experience on the road, there are also ebooks for Nintendo DS and the ever popular Sony PSP. 

We haven’t forgotten the PC Gamers either!  There is also an incredible choice of cheats, guides and walkthroughs for all the popular genres of PC titles, including the ever-popular World of Warcraft and its expansion packs.  Whether it is a time-tested classic or the newest game off the shelve, you can find all the help and advice to get you out of a sticky situation.

Blast away the opposition and the obstacles with all the expertise and help by those who have been there and done that.  The only questions that we can’t answer are the release dates for the sequels, sorry! has an extensive list of tips & cheats for nearly every game you can imagine. We have ebooks for nintendo ds, gamecube, playstation and xbox.

Games, Tips & Cheats Titles

1000's Of Xbox Cheats, Codes And Guides

"1000's Of Xbox Cheats, Codes And Guides"

This e-Book contains 1000s of cheats, guides, codes etc. for the Xbox. It contai...

Price $0.99

1000s Of Gamecube Cheats Ebook!

"1000s Of Gamecube Cheats Ebook!"

This e-Book is jam packed with 1000s of cheats, codes, tips and a lot more for 1...

Price $0.99

1000s Of Playstation 2 Cheats!

"1000s Of Playstation 2 Cheats!"

This is an excellent collection of PS2 cheat codes, cheats, guides and a whole l...

Price $1.99

Collection Of Party Games Ebooks

"Collection Of Party Games Ebooks"

Planning a party? Then, these ebooks are for you.

Price $0.99

Nintendo DS Cheats Ebook

"Nintendo DS Cheats Ebook"

This fantastic ebooks is full of Nintendo DS Cheats

Price $0.99

Online Gambling 101

"Online Gambling 101"

It doesn't matter if you've never played online poker before,Online Gambling 101...

Price $2.48

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