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"World Of Warcraft Guide - Death"

Death is never a pleasant experience but it's inevitable at some point when playing.When a player’s hp drops below 1, he or she will die. A dialogue box will pop up asking the player to "Release Spirit" and this comes with a 6 minutes countdown timer. While in this mode, you can still see and hear everything that is surrounding your corpse, but you will not be able to perform any action, not even open your inventory or quest log. You may still swivel your camera and talk in party chat and guild chat (private chats) but not by using zone chat or /say or /yell etc (public chats).

Where do I go when I die? 

Once you click on the button to release spirit or your 6 minute timer is up, you will be transported automatically to the nearest graveyard that is designated to be usable by your faction and enter ghost form. Graveyards are places where your spirit gets sent to when you die. All zones have at least one graveyard and many zones have multiple graveyards located in such a way that players do not have to travel too far (typically less than 5 minutes) in order to reach their corpse.Most graveyards in the world are designated to be used by both factions while other
graveyards are faction specific. Not all zones have graveyards for your faction either and this will bring about some interesting repercussions for dying in PvP as you might find yourself at a graveyard in the next zone instead.