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"Top Brain Games"

Brain training is more popular than ever. It is becoming part of people`s everyday lives and is now as normal physical training. The key to successful brain training is that it is enjoyable. When something is enjoyable we keep going back to it and do it regularly. Regular brain training is essential as the technique simply doesn`t work if you don`t do it often, just like physical exercise. To make brain training fun we use brain games. These make brain training interesting and challenging rather than a chore. Performing regular brain training exercises by playing brain games every day has be shown to decrease the rate of mental decline and make us more alert in our everyday lives, as well as improving our mental stamina, so we can concentrate for longer periods.

Some of the most popular brain training games are video games, such as Dr Kawashima`s Brain Training, More Brain Training and Big Brain Academy. These games are great because they present the player with a variety of games, which are all designed by neuroscientists to exercise different parts of the brain. They can be used to make a great all-round brain fitness regime. The variety they offer also makes playing them more fun and challenging as we are not constantly faced with the same puzzle. This is not to say that more traditional forms of brain training should be disregarded. Classic puzzles, such as crosswords, are excellent for brain training. The only down-side with crosswords is that your success depends on your vocabulary and general knowledge, but there are many levels of crosswords available, so you can always find one at your level. Wordsearches and anagram games are similarly good word-based brain trainers. Of course, the humble act of reading is also a form of brain training, as it keeps your mind active and strengthens your vocabulary. This is not to say that reading the TV guide counts as brain training, as it simply isn`t challenging enough. Ideally, reading high quality classic or modern literature would provide the best brain challenge, but there isn`t always the time or will to do this every day.

Another top brain game is Sudoku. This has become wildly popular as it doesn`t depend on a person`s general knowledge, vocabulary, or (despite appearances) mathematical skills. This makes it easily accessible to anybody, but yet it is a very challenging game and can be made more or less difficult as required. The great thing is, with so many different brain games and so many different ways to train your brain, you should never get bored of doing it. Best of all, a good number of brain games are available very cheaply, or even for free. Whilst brain training computer games cost a bit to buy, puzzle magazines and books are not at all expensive. There are also many online sources of brain training, which provide brain training games for free, such as online trivia ""