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"PS2 Cheats Guide - Resident Evil"

Resident Evil

Cheat List:

Unlockable: Barry
Complete the entire game with Jill in Rebirth Mode.

Unlockable: Enrico Marini
You must complete all of the Co-op levels in Wireless Plan.

Unlockable: Forest Speyer
You must beat Classic Mode as Jill.

Unlockable: Kenneth J. Sullivan
You must finish Classic Mode as Chris.

Unlockable: Rebecca Chambers
You must finish Rebirth Mode as Chris.

Unlockable: Richard Aiken
You must finish all Versus Mode levels in Wireless Play

Unlockable: Wesker
You must receive at least a Rank B in Masters of Knifing.

Unlockable: Masters of Knifing
You must complete the game once to get the 5 level mini game Masters of Knifing.

Unlockable: Rocket Launcher in maingame.
You must finish any of the scenarios in under 3 hours.

Cheat Ammo Doubled
(Unverified). When high-lighting New Game for Classic or Rebirth modes, hold RIGHT on the D-PAD until the words turn green. This will supposedly allow your character to pick-up double the amount of bullets per ammo unit in the game. For the record, this is a similar cheat for the Directors Cut version of Resident Evil (PSOne).

Hint: V-Jolt Formula
If you forgot the formula for mixing or if you simply can't add or subtract, here is how to make the V-Jolt item:

   1. Take the four empty bottles and mix #2 with water to create #3.
   2. Mix #2 and #4 to get yellow chemical.
   3. Mix yellow chemical with water for #7.
   4. Mix #2 and #4 a second time for yellow chemical.
   5. Mix yellow chemical and #7 for #13.
   6. Mix #13 and #3 for V-JOLT.