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Sleeping Baby

"Sleeping Baby"

Price: $1.99

Personal Use Ebook

Discover A New World Of Being Well Rested While You Care For Your Newborn

The Secrets To Restful Nights, A Sleeping Baby, And Well Planned Care Are Right At Your Fingertips!

If you’ve ever felt as if you can’t get a moments rest, your baby is colicky, you’re unsure of what method of feeding is best, how to best avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (better known as SIDS), then read on...

Hello Loving Parents,

In the next few minutes, I am going to go over some basics about bringing a newborn into the world.  I'm sure that you will benefit from the information contained within the pages of my new book, “Sleeping Baby”.

"Sleeping Baby" was written with new mothers and fathers in mind, be they single parents or couples. This book was written from a large knowledge base, borrowing from the experiences of parents, child psychologists, medical doctors, and parenting experts, as well as personal experience.

Within the pages of “Sleeping Baby” you will discover not only the tried and true, time tested, and honored methods of caring for your baby while getting the rest you need, as well as ensuring that your newborn gets the same. 

In its pages you’ll even discover some of the best kept secrets in child rearing known to man. Some new, some old, but all invaluable. In fact, I would like to give you, right now, for free, some simple tips on how to get the rest you deserve, even when baby doesn’t seem like she is ever going to sleep!

 If you’re interested in discovering some instant tips in a special report put together especially for you and your newborn's benefit, or, would just like to receive our newsletter, so that you can be kept appraised of any useful items for child rearing that we might find, please fill in your information below:

Were you at all aware that most babies sleep most of the day, but only in short spurts? Usually, too short for any adult person to ever get any meaningful rest, if they aren’t sleeping simultaneously. But that is precisely what you’ll discover within these pages. This e-book will become so valuable, you’ll want to give it to every new parent that you can think of!

As a matter of fact, within the pages of “Sleeping Baby” you’ll discover some of the most important techniques and tips for getting your rest,

While Your Baby Does!


You’ll also discover why feeding your baby cow's milk is actually bad for their digestive system, will increase the chances of developing colic and prevent them from developing the way that they should. You’ll also discover precisely why certain formulas are better for your newborn than others, and why breast feeding isn’t only best for the baby, but better for the mother too!

Here’s A Sampling Of
What You’ll Discover Inside

Sleeping Baby

When you order “Sleeping Baby”, you're ordering your guide-book to better rest and more of it, as well as the foundations for raising your beloved child in the best traditions possible, so they have the best chances to grow up healthy, strong, and smart.

This e-book isn’t just about how to get your baby to go to sleep, it’s about how you yourself are going to get that rest. It’s about how you can avoid the pitfall of being a new and unsure parent.

It’s about the security of learning to develop a plan and sticking to it, to regulate your child's sleep, encourage their development and do what is best for not only your little girl or boy, but also for yourself. If you can’t get your rest, and you can’t do what you need to stay healthy, then your doing your child a great disservice!

For example, some of what your child is impressed with now, will imbed in them how they act for years, if not decades to come! With “Sleeping Baby” you learn the best and most closely guarded secrets that should never have been secrets, for raising your child so they have every advantage. Even some that you didn’t!

Let me ask you a question... Are you absolutely positive that you know everything that you need to know to rear your child properly?

If you just answered no, then you need this book. It doesn’t give every answer. I don’t think any resource does. But it’s nonetheless a huge benefit, by giving the answers that are most frequently asked by new parents. It also answers them thoroughly and completely.

If you answered yes, then...

You Need “Sleeping Baby”
More Than Anyone Else!!


I can’t stress enough how important having your sleep is under normal conditions. Having your rest is how you will solve problems quickly, be able to react in a dangerous situation, have the energy to keep up with your newborn, and most importantly... Keep that beautiful baby Safe!

This is why, when people sleep, sometimes they “Co-Sleep” with their children. In essence, Co-Sleeping is a method in which the mother or father lays down with the child nestled next to, or on top of them, in a place that the baby can’t roll off and get hurt.

During this method, there are some things that must be cared for, and while some of this seems like common sense, you’d be astounded at the amount of people will neglect paying attention to them!

Inside the “Sleeping Baby” e-book, you’ll learn all of the sleeping and/or resting on the fly techniques. They’ll become so valuable, as a matter of fact, that you won’t know how you dealt with out them.

You’ll also discover which formula to feed your baby, when cow’s milk is okay, and why you need to avoid it like the plague in the beginning. You’ll discover also how breast feeding will help a new mother lose weight, and tighten up her tummy, even while her baby is getting the best nutrients she can get straight from breast milk.

You’ll discover all the things that you should expect the first year, and just how many there are will totally surprise you!

You’ll also discover why smoking is bad for your newborn, even when you smoke outside and why you should not breast feed if you do!

Ever wondered why rocking a baby seems to soothe them so readily? We answer that question!

Ever wonder what “tools of the trade” are the best for entertaining and teaching your baby? We answer that question too!

Ever wondered what temperature is best for your baby? Again, we answer that as well.

What about massage? Why do people do it, and does it really help? Again, answered.

What is the best technique for getting my baby to bed without upsetting them?

We have the answer.

Discover Everything You Wanted To Know About Raising And Resting A Happy, Healthy And Vibrant Newborn Baby Without Burning Yourself Out In The Process

Order “Sleeping Baby” Now

Still Not Convinced This E-Book Is The Answer To Your Sleepless Nights And Fussy Baby??

Take A Peep At All That It Has To Offer:

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that you would be out of your mind, to think that you could get information of that quality, or quantity all in one package for a lower price. Of course, some would say, that if it’s a price issue, you must not be able to afford it.

However, if price has you bugged, wrap your head around our 100% Satisfaction or your money back, no-holds barred, I don’t want your money if you don’t like my product, Guarantee below.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, if the product does not hold up to your scrutiny for any reason whatsoever within the next 60 days, then contact me and I will promptly and courteously return every red cent spent. Keep in mind that if this is done, this e-book may no longer function, and you may lose out on any updates of the topic in the future

Join 1000’s Of Overjoyed Parents And Order “Sleeping Baby” Right Now!

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