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"The many benefits of breastfeeding"

There are many benefits of breastfeeding your baby. Not only is it a natural and beautiful thing, it allows a mother to provide her new born baby with everything that he or she needs for a healthy start to life.

There are many benefits of breastfeeding and nearly no consequences. Babies that breastfeed are found to have a healthier body weight and are less susceptible to illness.

Breastfed babies, although they love to nurse, will stop when they are fill. And breastfed babies also take in essential antibodies from their mothers’ milk that fends off infections and other illnesses that can be very harmful to a developing baby. The benefits of breastfeeding are practically endless.

The benefits of breastfeeding also include the absolutely essential mother and baby bond that is developed during the first few months of life. If a mother does not spend this one-on-one time with the baby, experiencing such close and personal contact, the mother and baby could experience emotional distress.

Every baby deserves a healthy start and the many benefits of breastfeeding are absolutely essential to a baby’s health. If you’re pregnant and you want to breastfeed your baby, you should know that it is an easy way to give your baby the healthy start that he or she deserves.

Following are some simple instructions to teach you how to properly feed your baby.

First, sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and your lap flat. If you wish, you can position a pillow on your lap to support your baby during breastfeeding.

Now to position your baby properly during breastfeeding, turn your baby’s body toward your stomach. In this position, your baby’s bottom should be resting on your elbow and your baby’s head, neck and shoulders should be supported by your forearm and hand.

To begin breastfeeding, position your baby’s nose directly in front of your nipple. Allow your baby’s head to tip back gently and slightly. Then gently rub your baby’s lips against your nipple until his or her mouth opens very wide.

At this point during breastfeeding you should quickly bring your baby’s bottom lip and chin against your breast. In this position, your baby can breathe easily. You should be able to feel the baby’s mouth on a large portion of your breast.

You may need to support your breast to make your baby more comfortable during breastfeeding. It is also important that you are comfortable. You should be relaxed and you should be able to hear your baby swallowing softly.

If it doesn’t feel right, you should stop and start over.