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"Keeping positive during a divorce"

If you are someone that is facing a divorce, you may be feeling very depressed or emotionally in distress.  These feelings are very normal.  You cannot predict what is going to happen when you get married.  Some marriages work and others do not.  It is important to understand that this is not the end of the world and things like this happen all the time.

You are not a bad person because you are getting a divorce.  If you and your spouse cannot longer get along, there is no reason to live together in a situation that makes you unhappy.  You need to worry about your future and the well being of yourself and your children if any.  Sometimes a divorce can be avoided with the right consoling and other times, there is just no hope.

You have to keep positive when you are going through a divorce.  You cannot let yourself be taken down by what is happening around you.  If you are being accused of untruthful accusations, you have to keep strong so that you can defend your name and your reputation. 

Do not give up.  You have to be able to fight for what you think is right until the end.  If you are determined to get something that is rightfully yours, you need to stand up for it.  Getting what you want in a divorce is not always possible, but you do have to keep up a good fight for it.  You have to make sure that you are doing this so that you can keep up your positive attitude about what it going on. 

Keep yourself surrounded by others that are positive as well. Keeping your friends and family around you is important. You need to keep having fun and laughing when you can.  This will keep you in a positive atmosphere and keep you ready for what is ahead. 

Once the divorce is over and done with no matter what the outcome, you have to be ready to go on with your life.  You need to be ready to get on with your future and to make your dreams come true.  Your life is not over even if you think that it is.  There are always second chances and you deserve to have one.  Your time will come for love again and if it does not, you will know that you are better off without the other spouse.  You can make it on your own and have a good life.