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"Thanksgiving crafts and ideas for kids"

Do you need a few Thanksgiving crafts and ideas for kids?  There are tons of ideas available at your fingertips if you look on the Internet.  We have a few Thanksgiving crafts and ideas for kids that we were able to find online that you might want to try.

You can make a cute Thanksgiving turkey from a pine cone and some construction paper.  What you will need is a pine cone – preferably the “fat” kind, some orange, brown, and red construction paper, some wiggly eyes, an acorn, glue, and scissors.  Start by having your child place his or her hand with fingers slightly splayed down on each color of the construction paper and trace around it – fingers and all.  If they are old enough, have them cut out their hands.  If they are not, you can do it for them.  These hands will be the turkey’s feathers.

With the pine cone lying horizontally, put glue in the openings near the fatter end and carefully arrange your child’s handprints inside.  Let dry.  Glue the acorn onto the front (skinny) end of the pine cone.  This part works best with a hot glue gun!  Glue on the wiggly eyes to the acorn and cut out a wattle from the red construction paper.  Glue just under the eyes.  Let glue dry completely and you are all done!

Another of the cute Thanksgiving crafts and ideas for kids that we have tried out is a thankful wreath.  Start with a paper plate and cut out a half circle from the center of it.  Under the horizontal cut, write the words “I Am Thankful For…”  Then draw some leaf shapes on construction paper and cut them out.  Have your child write down things that they are giving thanks for on this Thanksgiving Day and then glue the leaves around the plate covering it like a wreath.  Hang the wreath on your door or someplace where it is clearly visible so your child remembers how blessed he or she is.

Use your own imagination and creativity to come up with easy Thanksgiving crafts and ideas for kids to make.  When you have glue, scissors, construction paper, and crayons or markers around the house, there are all sorts of ways you can make your home look festive for Thanksgiving.  Plus, you will get to spend quality time with your child when you find Thanksgiving crafts and ideas for kids to make.