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"Using Law the of Attraction to have Your Dream Date"

You are a human magnet and everyone wants to be your friend and be involved with you. Has this ever happened to you? Whether you know about it or not, you have been exhibiting the law of attraction in situations like this. Attraction is making other people like you and want to be with you, if not emulate you.

Is the law of attraction then a contributory factor in dating success? YES! Like attracts like, so if you want to get your dream date, you can have it by just letting the energy of the universe flow! Everyone can take advantage of the law of attraction. You too can have that love you always dreamed about; but first, you have to undergo the initial stage… dating!

Using the law of attraction can be beneficial if used sensibly in dating. Here are simple advices on how you can be successful in dating:

1. Write down all that you desire for a date. A perfect date can be visualized ahead of time. Give the exact details of what you look forward and be ready to meet him/her. Is he a handsome man who has his own business? Is she an attractive lady in the fashion world? It is said that writing down details and visualizing the invisible takes you to an 80% assurance of achieving what you want. Knowing what you want assures and shows that you are working toward that goal.

2. Check on what you feel and take a step further. Your emotions won’t lie to you. If you are fickle minded, chances are the universe won’t grant what you wished for because it is imprecise. Deal with specifics, feel what you really want.

3. Do not doubt! Most people have fears of being rejected. So if the thoughts running in your mind is “I don’t want rejection”, the law of attraction can perceive it as, “I want to be rejected.” So be positive and assume that you have already gained it! By law of attraction, you can have all that you want, ALL! So be prepared!

4. Turn your shyness into assertiveness. Think and act as if you already are comfortable with your date but be cautious not to overreact! As a general rule, be yourself; no more, no less! Feel good about yourself and always think that you are attractive.

5. Try to mirror the attitudes and behaviors of the person you’re trying to convince, or try to find common ground. Notice that you have similarities right? This can be beneficial to you; you can easily be acquainted to him/her by sharing the same likes and dislikes. If you both love watching movies, then an interesting film can be a start of a nice conversation. Remember, like attracts like.

6. Although it’s obvious the universe is on your side, you don’t want to appear horrible on your date. Looks are also important. Your appearance is one sure source of attraction. So dressed up, look nice and spray your favorite perfume.

7. Enjoy life and do the things you always wanted. Why not spend your time partying, strolling or traveling? Do what you want to do and don’t use your spare time for useless activities such as oversleeping and locked up inside your room.

Applying the law of attraction to draw your dream love to you is really simple. Changing your thoughts and being an optimist attracts positive vibrations. Knowing that the law of attraction will transform your imaginations to reality is a sure confidence booster that can be a successful tool in dating.