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"Essential Lucid Dreaming Tips"

Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that you are in a subconscious state. Lucid dreaming may be experienced by beginners and novices from time to time but if you yearn have lucid dreaming to occur regularly, you need to exert a lot of effort in training and practice to achieve it. Once you manage to keep on lucid dreaming, the next step would be prolonging the dream and controlling certain aspects of your dream. There are limitless possibilities once you can control your dreams, flying, visiting exotic places, the sky’s the limit since there would be no laws of Physics to adhere to and no social constraints to bind you. If you are a beginner and you are interested to be aware in your subconscious state, just follow these effective lucid dreaming tips.

Preparing yourself mentally is the first lucid dreaming tip that you should do. You should review your belief system and exterminate any fear you have of lucid dreaming. You should do this all the way, physically and mentally for it to be successful.

The other lucid dreaming tips to follow may be not your usual run of the mill guide but it is otherwise proven effective. There shouldn’t be any distractions so your mind can relax and focus, so avoid watching televisions. You can try eating some almonds and drink a warm glass of milk. Stay away from caffeinated drinks for they would keep you in a light-sleep stage.

Making your sleeping area very conducive to lucid dreaming is the next lucid dreaming tip that you should consider. A heat pack containing some herbs such as lavender or chamomile can be placed over your eyes. Sprinkle some meditative oils like sandalwood, tangerine, black pepper and juniper, under your pillow. Your senses would help you reach a calm and meditative state because you would be relaxed.

Another lucid dreaming tip would be having binaural, monaural or Isochronic beats in MP3s play through out the night so that when you sleep, you would break down mental barriers and proceed to lucid dreaming. A common lucid dreaming tip that has been passed on by experts is the writing down all your dreams, emotions, and feelings in a dream journal the moment you wake up. Your dreams should be repeated in your head so that the conscious state would be aware that it would be just a dream if it happens again while you are sleeping and you can control and alter parts of it.

Repetition and constant practice of these lucid dreaming tips would make you an expert immediately.