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Millions of people are looking for way to create additional income to help pay the bills. Others want to get rid of their day job and work from the comfort of home.

There are hundreds of work at home programs to choose from. Some are free, some are free to join an others charge a minimal fee. If you do your research before jumping in it should be relatively easy to find a program that can work for you.

As a work at home website owner I think the major difference between paid work from home programs and free programs is the organized information you receive. If you are very familiar with the Internet and have a lot of time to spend researching programs and reading forums, you can start you work at home endeavor for free.

I think the minimal charge (normally less than $50.00) is well worth the money charged. Time is money. Here are a few things you get, in my opinion with the paid programs:

* Research programs.
* Step-by-step guidance on how to perform the task required.
* Advice on how to avoid the normal pit falls of the market place.
* Organized, understandable approach to working from home.
* Customer support  – someone you can ask question of when you need help.

In my opinion the time you save will more than pay for the minimal expense of these programs by far.

Having said that I created a free program page on my site because of the request of many visitors to my site.

Here are a few of the reason people wanted to start for free:

* No money to spend. Unable to pay their bills currently.
* Been scammed before.
* New to work at home and would like to try something before spending any money.
* Not sure if they had the necessary skill to do what was required.

In doing my research on the web I found work at home opportunities like Online Paid Surveys, Data Entry, Mystery Shopping just to mention a few.

If you will do your research you will find many programs that are free to join. You can be successful going this route, but it will take more time. Many people have time, but no money so this could be a perfect fit for you. What do you have to lose? I have found many programs on the Internet that offer some guidance, which is a big help when starting. An organized approach will give you a much better chance for success. What you don’t want to do is to spend a lot of time and get nothing in return.

You need to either do the research yourself or use a web site like mine, but not necessarily mine, that has done some research for you.

It is very important to find companies that match your income goals, skill sets and comfort level, because your chances of success increase when doing so. Many people will join 3 – 5 free programs then keep working the ones they like best. Others will work 2 – 3 on a continuing basis so that they can create multiple income streams.

One thing is for sure you can’t make any additional money working from home if you don’t try.

Give yourself a chance.

Cash Only Surveys

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Online paid surveys is an online marketplace with much demand. Many newcomers are joining with the hopes of creating some extra income. Daily people are taking surveys so that they can creating extra income or work toward replacing their day job.

You can see the demand for this niche in the market by simply looking a few of the keywords searched for on a daily basis. They are words such as cash online only survey, cash only paid survey, cash only survey, cash only site survey and cash online only paid survey.

What happens, unfortunately people sign up get started very quickly, only to realize later that you need to use your time wisely so that you can maximize their income. As I have suggested in my prior articles it’s best, in my opinion, to sign up for a Survey Data Base Company. It will save you time and money. These companies will give you a bunch of survey companies to deal with. They give what they believe to be the best companies to deal with. In their very good step-by-step instructions many will tell you to sign up for many companies, not just a few. The reason for this is that I have found that only a portion of the surveys sent to on a daily basis will apply to you thus the need to have many surveys coming in daily.

Another piece of the puzzle that I have read nowhere else is that many of the companies will offer you entries into sweepstakes instead of cash. I don’t know about you but my desire to spend time goes up when I know I will be receiving compensation of some sort not just a chance at being paid.

I found a Survey Directory Company that will show you which companies will pay you in cash, sweepstakes, sweepstakes points and points that can be turned into real cash.

My suggestion is to do the following things to ensure you have the best chance for success:

I suggest using a website like mine, but not necessarily mine, which has specific Paid Surveys page or be prepared to do the research yourself. You must do one or the other to give yourself the best chance for success!

1. Setup a separate email address for your surveys if possible.
2. Sign up for Survey Data Base Directory and get started.
3. Read the step-by-step instructions thoroughly.
4. Sign up for as many of the Companies included as possible.
5. Be sure to include all companies that pay in cash or points that can be turned into cash first.
6. Sift through the surveys you receive and answer the ones that either pay cash or points that can be turned into cash first.
7. I would do the sweepstakes entries as extra time allows.

The only equipment you need is a computer, access to the Internet, some free time and a bit of patience.

5 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Website

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On the Internet you can find numerous ways to make money online without a website. Below are types of online program that you can join without having any website.

1.Online Surveys

The idea of online survey is that you will be given a survey that has to be completed by you to earn money. This surveys is conducted by companies who are observing the community to discover the best way to market their product or services. The amount of money you can earn per survey depends on the importance or the length of survey. Some survey companies doesn’t reward you with money. Instead, they giving you prizes/gifts or entering you to a lucky draw.

2.Get Paid to Read Email/Get Paid to Signup/Get Paid to Surf

From the description above, you know what you have do to make money. Yes, only by reading emails and click the advertisement inside or by signing up to various free to join programs or surfing on the internet you can make money online. Although the money you can earn isn’t much, this is the most convinient way to make money.

3.Online Investment

This program requires you to invest on their programs for a certain period of time and in return you will get the amount of interest based on your investment. This type of program involve a high risk, just like other offiline investment. It also has the big chance of losing your money, because many of this programs are scams. Only a few of this type of program are legitimate. Usually, they offer a low rate of interest, but still higher than most bank offers.

4.Ebay Business

Ebay is a well known service that allows people to sell and buy products through an online auction. You can sell your antiques or stuffs that you no longer want to Ebay. Though selling your old stuffs and sell them to an online auction seems like not promising, there are actual people who has make a full time income on Ebay.

5.Marketing Affiliate Programs with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Recently this is maybe the most popular way to make money online without having your own website. The concept is by joining an online affiliate programs that will give you commission to sell their products and then advertise the product on sites that has Pay Per Click Advertising.

PPC Advertising is a powerful advertising campaign that charges you a  small amount of money when someone click your advertisement. If that person decide to buy the product your promoting, you get profit from your commission reduced by your investment on the PPC Advertising.

The most famous PPC service is Google Adwords, run by Google. Just be sure that your investment on the PPC service doesn’t exceed the amount of commission you get from the affiliate program.

As you can see, each program has their own advantage and disadvantages.

The last two ways mentioned above is considered more promising than the top three. In order to make a significant income with the last two programs,  you have to know its secrets and techniques. Fortunately, there are many ebooks and articles online that can help you to get the best of those programs.

Creating an online business

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You are most likely coming here as a follow up to my articles on creating an online business. Today we are going to cover some advanced tips on comparing ads so that can help you get a better conversion rate.

Lets assume for sake of argument that your site is created, published and you are running (PPC) ads. I recommend running these all the time, but especially in the beginning to get your site converting well. In fact when I signed up with my host they gave me advertising credits, which really helped out.

This is very important! If you are running ads and you are not getting clicks then it means your ads are not standing out in the crowd. Believe me there are plenty of people on the Internet and you should be getting clicks. You want think about the products and services you are offering on your site when writing your ads. What type of ads would interest you if you were looking for these items.?

As I mentioned before specific keywords bring up both your ads and others. You want your ads to spike their interest enough they will want to take a look.

Okay, when writing your ads I want you to write two ads for each campaign. What does this mean? It means for each ad type you are going to be running two similar ads with the same keywords. On most search engines like Yahoo you can create an ad campaign, which then has your ads in it. You simply create your first ad inside the campaign, add your keywords and your finished with ad number 1.

Now, I want you to go back into the ad campaign and create another a slightly different ad. It will automatically use the same keywords. In Yahoo, you will need to then go back to the campaign level, click on the ads and then click on optimize ads button. Please select no and submit. What will happen then is each of your two ads will run, each showing (50) fifty percent of the time.

After some time has passed you will be able to tell by the conversion rate, which one is performing best. Simply modify the worst one with some new text and check it again after receiving more hits. You are always improving on your ads therefore your conversion rates only get better. You will need to let them run so that you get at least 50 – 100 clicks before changing.

After getting someone to click on your ad, you want to take him or her to the specific landing page that offers exactly what he or she are looking for. Always remember the steps we talked about from beginning to end. It’s very important to tie them all together nicely. A potential customer wants to click on an ad they think will take care of their needs and go to exactly the product or service they the ad referred to.

Stay at Home Mom

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I’m a new Stay at Home Mom and I’m just miserable. I love my baby, but I miss my career and my co-workers. Going back to work isn’t an option. But, how can I be happy? What can I do?

Signed – Miserable in MO

Dear Miserable,

Making the transition from a busy career woman to a stay at home mom can be quite a struggle, especially if you really enjoyed your job and your co-workers. I’ve been there!

Don’t get me wrong. Being a Stay at home mom is a great job. I’ve been an at home mom for several years and I wouldn’t trade being home with my kids for anything. But, it was hard to adjust to the transition from conversing with adults to talking to a drooling diapered dude all day.

So, how can you go from struggling stay at home mom to a happy one?

Take time for you. Get rid of the guilt. You do not need to play with your baby 10 hours per day, just because you’re home. You can take time to rub some lotion on your feet or read a book. You’re setting a positive example for your little one that Mommy matters, too. And, every time you pick up a magazine or book, you’re also reinforcing the concept that reading is good. (Well, even if that one is an excuse, it’s worked for many years for me.) So, grab a book and relax. As long as you’re keeping baby close by and safe, you’re doing just fine.

Spend time on your marriage. You may not always like your partner, but you do love him. Whether you go on a date night or just sit together on the couch at night, show him that he’s special to you.

Don’t let the ‘messy house syndrome’ win its battle. Try to do at least one load of laundry daily – and put it away. Load the dishwasher before you go to bed so you can wake up to a clean-ish kitchen every morning. You’ll feel better about your day if you do.

Stay healthy. If your health suffers, you can’t take care of your baby. Eat well, drink lots of water, take naps every chance you get, and try to get some fresh air and exercise every day. It’s good for you and your baby. And, as convenient as that drive-through fast food is, keep it to a minimum. That sodium and grease does not help your mental or physical health.

Plan lunch dates or grown-up time. Bring your baby to lunch to meet your co-workers. Or, if baby doesn’t handle restaurants very well, then have your friends over during a weekend for a barbeque or card game. You can still have a life.

And, of course, if you just can’t break past the blues, or if you feel unsafe around your baby, then get some help.

I promise you that you won’t be the first mother to walk into a doctor’s office and break down into tears. It’s hard work being a Mom. And, it’s a heck of an adjustment.

Take care of you. Your baby needs a healthy, happy Mommy. Your baby deserves that – and so do you.

Work From Home

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There are many programs offering this type of work, which can create a very nice income while sitting in the comfort of your home. More an more people are choosing to at home work and this seems like the perfect fit for many who wish to improve there quality of life and have more time at home.

It’s easy to see that work at home is the most popular among surfers. I think it’s because the cost to get started is minimal and most people find that they have the skill sets already to do whatever is necessary. If you can type and you have a computer you are good to go. There are many work from programs to choose from such as data entry, Type at  home, Surveys for Cash, Telephone Answering Services, Mystery Shoppers  and more.

There are misconceptions about these programs  that you will be typing endlessly to earn nothing. The truth is many online programs can be done with minimal effort. If you feel comfortable on the computer and If you can type at a good speed and be accurate this can be an easy source of income. Especially today with the tools available like spell check, grammar check etc, it makes it a lot easier. In fact it’s possible to earn some nice cash from these programs.

You have to do your research, because when anything is  popular on the web now days there is a dark side. When the scam artist see an opportunity they will creep in to get try and make some money. Thats why it is imperative to do the research yourself or find a website that you feel comfortable will aid you in making the selection. On my site I try to give my visitors a selection of what I believe to be companies that they will have a chance a success with.

In my opinion there are enough reliable companies that I have found, therefore I can feel comfortable recommending them to my visitors. Yes you can find about a hundred or so, but many do not offer good results or opportunities. The other thing I think is important is customer support and training. Any good company worth it’s salt has to train and support it’s customer base. In addition only a few offer a money back guarantee, which I feel is important to visitors to my web site.

That does not mean their are not good companies out there that don’t offer a money back guarantee, because there are. I have some on my site, but they few and far between. I’m sure the reason they don’t offer a guarantee is because their respective fee’s are so low.

Good companies are out there you just have to find a site that highlights them or do allot of home work and research yourself. It can be done and you can be successful. Really, what do you have to lose? The start up cost is minimal and you more than likely have everything you need.

Home based business ideas

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If you have a fantastic idea you can gross it up with profits and make a fortune, beginning with a small online home business. It’s better to be a dreamer (not a day dreamer) and realize the dreams steadily.

Individuals from all walks of life are turning towards ‘work from home’.

There are unlimited numbers of home based business ideas. However, the internet has proved to be the most potential of those ideas. Now, a well planned personal site may generate money. Consider the following points with respect to online home business opportunity:

  • Judge yourself – what you enjoy doing and what you are really good at. If you are going to do what you enjoy the most, then there is no problem. Unless, you need the help of an expert mentor. Never go with the hype that everything will be outsourced, though, modern online home based businesses automate many processes. You are still required to be well aware of the different web tools to manage the system or to be in line with the affiliates.
  • You like online business and you started your own. But what your motive or purpose is? Define the goals. Question yourself… why do you want to start an online home based business? Is it for common reasons like, financial freedom, luxury vacations, flexible timings, more money, etc? Once you understand your motivation you will keep on going. This is the driving force. Little bit of complacency might slowdown you. So foster your most favourite dream. You might even stick your goals on the wall.
  • It’s great to start something on your own. But no home business is bed of roses. You might face several road blocks and most of all competition, though you will be more attached to your business. Have patience, small online home businesses really pay. If you are on the right track and start earning steadily for few days, the chances are that you will grow. Because success online is like wild fire.
  • Stick to your business plan as far as possible but always be prepared to be flexible and open minded. Be open to all around to seize the unexpected opportunities.
  • Winner is a winner, rightly said. So, get a successful mentor, learn from someone’s experience who had actually done it.

Being the owner of a small home based business online you should have operational idea of the web.

As the owner of an online business most probably you will be running some kind of affiliated programs on direct marketing, education or business processing.

You should be aware that web in itself is not a market, it is a medium. It gives exposure to our product, generates leads for you and does transactions.

Above all else, everything over web is virtual. So, personal contacts are also less. That’s why, ensure everything fare well and are flawless – from choosing a domain name to taking your business to autopilot.

Work at Home Employment Scams

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This article is not aimed at discouraging people from starting Home based business through the Internet, but to guide the people about the Business opportunities available on the net that are bogus and illegitimate. These are more popularly termed as Scams. There are numerous opportunities available on the Internet for starting a home-based business successfully.

Some of these opportunities are really success oriented. However all these business strategies require hard work and dedication besides thorough knowledge about the market.

Some of these opportunities are quick and easy way of making money. Before getting involved into any business opportunity through the Internet, people must make themselves cautioned against the fraudulent scams. They should not get carried away by people who try to fool others using fake testimonials, documents, guarantee cards, and offering huge income potentials in short period of time.

There are many reliable work at home jobs on the Internet.

These jobs do not claim to give easy money in short period of time. These jobs are based on hard work and open-minded communication between the employers and trusted employees through telecommuting. These jobs are more or less similar to the regular jobs in many ways. The employee must first qualify for the job that is offered.

He must then develop trust with the employer through dedicated work. Most of these telecommuting jobs are treated as part time opportunities. Another way of working on the Internet is to work as freelancer or on independent contract. You can work as article writer, consultant, editor, designer and numerous other ways. With all these type of opportunities the risk of getting involved in scams is less.

The Internet business opportunity scams are more common in sales endeavors. The scrupulous people who run the Internet scams are always on the look out for a naïve wishful and desperate surfer. Many homemakers, and elderly people become a prey under these scams. Before getting it to any business option, people must get a thorough knowledge about these scams. They can get all the necessary information from the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission.

These organizations help you to keep away from the Internet based scams and also help to verify the offers on the net and file complaints if necessary. Another way to avoid scams is to start up the home based business after getting the necessary information from the Small business Administration.

It is essential for people to come forward and report the scams however small be the money involved. Scams have proliferated through Internet because of the access to millions of customers. The most commonplace for Internet scams is through the auction sites. Fraudulent merchandise sales sites are on the rise.

The scammers try to allure customers by offering hard to find goods such as electronic gadgets. Thousand of shoppers who whisk their money have never received their goods. The people are advised to be skeptical of sites, which offer the goods at incredibly low prices.

Money is in the list

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Keep It Simple And Make A Ton Of Money!

By now I am sure you have heard about the “KISS” principle (Keep It Short and Simple).

The best approach in any business is to keep things simple.  If you focus on the simple things that have worked for others, you will make a killing in just about any market.

Here are some simple things you can do to be successful in a home based business.

You need to capture the names and emails of your website visitors and email them continuously.

Any person who knows anything about marketing online knows that the money is in the list.  I bet you’ve heard that a million times. That is because it works.

Yet, if you look around at many sites in different markets you’ll see that there are many people who still do not have an email signup form on their sites.

If they do have a signup form, they usually have the form tucked away in some little corner where no one sees it.

If you do a search for the major keywords in your market and you find that many of the websites do not have optin forms then you know that your competitors have poor marketing skills. Having an email form is one of the most basic and effective marketing techniques ever.

The second step is to learn about your target market.

That’s because you need to know what buttons to push when it comes to writing sales copy. It does not take much to get your prospects interest and attention. You don’t have to know the deepest psychological tricks to get visitors to buy.  In fact, if you are part of an affiliate program, the affiliate’s sales page will have some of the things that your target market is interested in and they will gear their ad copy towards the concerns and interests of the prospect.

The third step is to pump money back into your business.

That is a fundamental factor for success in any business. When you’re selling something on a website and you have measured conversion levels, those numbers will remain the same no matter if you have 100 visitors or 1,000 visitors a day.

Let’s say you have a conversion rate of 2%. For every 100 people who visit your site, two of them become customers.

Now you need to take the money from those two sales and drive more people to your site. Now you have 1,000 visitors and you get 20 sales. Take a portion of that and reinvest in your business. Know your numbers and keep tossing money to fuel the fire.

There are tons of niches online that are begging for you to step in and dominate.

Simply find the markets where people obviously have little marketing skills and take over the market.

You can even offer to buy out another business and pick up where they left off.

In a home based online business, marketing is the name of the game!  So keep it simple and make yourself a ton of money.

Virtual Assistants

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Virtual Assistants – The Perfect Work-at-Home Opportunity

With gas prices rising, many displaced from their jobs, and more and more businesses downsizing, comes the need for finding an alternative way to make a good income. Now more than ever, families are seeing the need for two incomes.  One Industry that is increasing in popularly today, being rated one of the top 5 home-based businesses by Entrepreneur Magazine, is virtual assisting.

Becoming a VA allows you to work from anywhere in the world and requires little in the way of start-up costs or fees. The main requirement is the ability to type well and a good understanding of the Internet.

By definition, a Virtual Assistant or VA, is a highly skilled professional who provides administrative support and other specialized services to businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, online businesses, executives, sales professionals and others who have more work to do than time to do it.

Many VA’s also provide web design and maintenance, publicity and marketing, desktop publishing, word processing, and business start-up consultations. The services are endless depending upon the VA’s knowledge, skills and creativity.

Virtual assistants are instrumental in helping businesses with their marketing, capability to run their offices getting more work accomplished, and also they have a solid understanding of the latest tools to make a business succeed.

One example is blogging.  We all know that it is essential for a business to have a blog today to succeed, yet many businesses don’t have the time to create and maintain a blog.  A good virtual assistant will handle that for you and more.

What started out in the 80’s as home-based word processors have grown into what we are seeing today. Plus more and more clients are realizing the need to outsource their work and let a professional virtual assistant do it, so they can focus on that they do best, running their business.

Start today in the successful career you’ve been longing for – a home-based virtual assistant business.

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