Left Brain,Right Brain – Where do you Meditate?

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Is meditation a right brain function or a left brain function?  Let’s explore this question.  The left brain is the center of specific detailed linear thinking.  Its focus is the parts or details of things.  Using the left brain one builds parts into a whole.  Mathematics is a function of the left brain.  Speech and language are also a function of this side of the brain.  Facts and information as well as analysis of these are left-brained functions. So is the tendency to plan, make lists and strategies.  Trying to maintain control, make things happen just the way you planned is also a left brain function.

The right brain is more tangential, spatial, and visual.  From the right brain one sees the whole, the big picture.  Often a right-brained person will work backwards from the whole to find the parts.  Spontaneity, out of the box thinking, intuitive leaps of knowing are all part of the territory of the right brain.  It is in the right part of the brain that we draw parallels between two seemingly different observations.  It is this kind of parallel thinking that has made for some of the great discoveries of mankind.  And even some of the more helpful inventions, like Velcro.  An engineer noticed how a cockle burr works and translated that to an invention most of us now take for granted.

A lot of our right brain functions are trained out of us in school.  Most of our traditional schools require remembering facts, information and logical sequences and formulas.  The creative aspects receive less and less focus as we grow older.  Stress, fear, chaos and panic block our access to the right brain and often by doing so also effectively block our access to out of the box problem solving.

Meditation is a way to access all the benefits of the right brain while quieting the stresses caused by overwhelmed left brain functioning.  There are many forms of meditation, both sitting quietly or active.  Seated quiet meditations include just focusing on the breath, gazing at something like a candle flame, following a guided meditation or listening to relaxing music.  Active meditations include some sort of movement such walking or dancing or free flow writing.  Any of these types of meditation will assist you to access your creative side, the right brain.

Meditation and Alpha, Theta, and Gamma Brain Waves

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There are five different brain waves – beta which we operate in most of the time, alpha which is a much more relaxed state, theta which is an even slower state that is often a product of REM sleep but can also be entered into through tasks that are so automatic they don’t engage our immediate attention such a driving or taking a bath.  Delta Brain waves are even slower than theta and our found in deep sleep.  Gamma are very fast brain waves that we know the least about.

Gamma seems to be where we knit everything together into a larger picture.  While meditation in its various forms usually take the practitioner into either alpha or theta brain waves, it is thought that the jumps of intuition or creative leaps come from moving into gamma brain wave.

For a while now we have known that there is a cross-over state between alpha and theta that seems to be a great source of creativity.  Much of the music of Mozart was found to take one to this Alpha-Theta cross-over state of being.  In this state one is beginning to access the sub-conscious mind as well as the conscious.  There are also energy healing modalities such as Reiki that use alpha brain waves.  Music that promotes the alpha state is used in super-learning technologies as well as relaxation and meditation.

In the last 15 years a form of energy healing with Theta Brain waves has also received a lot of publicity.  Practitioners are being taught to quickly achieve a meditative Theta Brain wave state while waking, use it to access and make changes in the subconscious. They combine this practice with the of principles of Quantum Physics to achieve amazing results.

There are several ways to achieve these alpha and theta states.  One is through music.  Sitting quietly and listening to specially prepared music will take you rapidly to an alpha state and to even to a theta state.  Those with extensive experience in meditation go to a theta state as do some of the people who have been training in the theta energy healing processes.  It is believed that when energy healing occurs in these states what is happening is a moving back and forth between the theta and the gamma state.   Whether you desire to do energy healing with your meditation or just to find calm and peace, the alpha – theta state is the one you’ll visit as you relax.

Opening your Door to a New World

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New to meditation?  Not sure where to start?  Have trouble just sitting and “doing nothing”?  Guided meditation is a great place to begin.

Often accompanied by music, guided meditation takes you on a journey.  Those journeys will differ widely.  It might be a journey of breath, where you are directed when and how to breathe in and to breathe out.  The flow of breathing relaxes you and allows your journey to flow further into relaxation or to travel in your imagination.  You may be ushered through relaxing every part of your body, from your toes to your head.  In this relaxed state, such mediation may then take you to a beautiful place, be it a garden, a magical forest or a beach.  Visual images and feelings will be invoked as part of the meditation.   The whole idea is to reach a calm, relaxed state of connectedness and oneness. You might be guided into a place where you can receive answers to your questions.  Each guided meditation is different.

One of the fabulous things about living in this time and space is the internet.  If you want to experience guided meditation, then just do a search for it, and you will find numerous different free guided meditations for you to explore.   There are guided stories, mixes of music, relaxation and journeys of the consciousness, and guided hypnotic meditations as well.  A garden of possibilities awaits you with just one search.

This is a way to allow our minds to expand and problem solve, look around corners around which we could not ordinarily see.  In the guided meditations, our boundaries and limitations are momentarily eliminated.  They allow us to enhance our intuitive awareness, access the wealth of the sub-conscious and otherwise go beyond the limitations of our day to day world.  Guided meditations have been used successfully with children, especially problem children who have trouble focusing and relaxing.  Once the children learn to follow the meditations, their work improves  and so too does their ability to think through problems and focus long enough to find solutions.  The experience of guided mediations can truly open the door of our minds to a new world.

Mantra Meditation – Sounds that Relax

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Mantra mediation is the use of sound to go beyond the distractions of the mind and open one to the relaxation and peace of the meditative state.  There’s a lot of disagreement about which mantras one should use.  When you search the internet you will find a wealth of different mantras and directions for their use. What does seem to be in agreement is that certain sounds possess a vibrational quality that has positive effects on the human psyche.

Probably the best known of the mantras is OM or the Sanskrit word for the sound of the universe.  Some of the on-line meditation authorities think that you need to focus on the meaning of the mantra as you chant it and others say that the sound vibration itself is all that is necessary.  Online you will find a number of other  Sanskrit mantras.  If you are confused about how to pronounce the Sanskrit you will find both phonetic pronunciations and downloads of the chanting. Of course, you can chant in English.  For example you can breathe in as you say I AM and breathe out as you say AT PEACE.  You can chant a simple word like God or Love.

Breathing and a focus of calming and peace are a continual thread throughout all the information about mantra meditation.  Some reasons for doing a mantra meditation include simple relaxation, using sound as a healing vibration, spiritual enlightenment and as a spiritual or mental discipline.

Whatever your reason, you will need to carve out some time that is just for you.   Make sure you shut off the phones or turn down the ringer and ask others to give you this time and space free from interruption.  Wear comfortable clothes.  Take some deep breaths.  If you do yoga, you might also want to do some stretching and breathing as this will begin to relax the body.  For your sitting and chanting find a comfortable position.  Let the chanting follow your breath.  You might want to chant for a minimum of 10 minutes and some meditation experts recommend that you chant for up to 60 minutes.

Attracting Abundance You Can Have Anything You Believe

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Some people believe that attracting abundance is something that the rich and famous must know how to do. The rest of just aren’t privy to their secrets. Even more damaging is the belief that you must have money to make money. The belief of attracting abundance, however, flies in the face of that and says that as long as you believe it, you can have it.

Does that sound way too simple to work? Does it sound too good to be true?  It does. And yet people who use the principles behind things like the law of attraction, conscious creation and positive thinking will tell you that it really can work for you, because it worked for them.

There can be little doubt that a person’s attitude, no matter what happens in his or her life, can make the difference between a happy person and a person who’s not happy. We’ve all known people who seem to have the worst luck, who still seem happy. No matter what happens to them, they see the bright side and somehow they turn out ok.

And we probably all know someone who seems to have everything going for him, but is miserable. We can’t understand how he can be so unhappy when he has so many good things in his life. This is a case of attracting what you surround yourself with. Even though he might be well-off financially, he attracts sadness and despair.

Attracting abundance requires a new state of mind. Like the person with the bad luck who stays positive and happy no matter what happens, you must start to see the positive side to things. And you must believe that positive things can and will happen to you.

Even the person with horrible luck has good things happen. But that person has trained himself to see the good things even in events that most of us would dismiss as completely negative. This focus on the positive allows positive energy to flow to that person, even in less-than-great situations.

Attracting abundance works in a similar way. A person who believes that, no matter what, he will never have enough money will probably always be plagued by financial problems because that’s what he believes. His thoughts will attract similar energy.

But for the person who shifts his thinking to decide that he wants abundance, and begins to believe that it’s possible will attract a different kind of energy. If you think abundant thoughts and learn to believe them, then you can attract prosperity.

A principle of the law of abundance is that the universe creates enough for every one. And that one person having enough or more than enough does not mean that another person must go without. There is enough for everyone to have more than he or she will ever need.

Believing this, and believing that your positive thoughts can ensure that you have what you need and more, are the first steps in attracting abundance and letting prosperity flow into your life.

Achieving Spiritual Abundance

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Spiritual abundance might sound like a phrase that’s hard to decipher. Is it talking about being a very spiritual person, more abundantly spiritual than others?  Actually, the ability to tap into your deepest inner self while allowing the universe to provide for your needs is a good definition.

We are all spiritual beings. Whether you’re religious or you do anything spiritual on a day to day basis or not, you have a spiritual side. Some people define their spirituality with a religion, while others believe that our connection to the world around us and nature defines that side of ourselves.

Regardless of how you define it, you can gain a better understanding of your spiritual self and your ability to achieve spiritual abundance by following a few basic steps.

Attracting abundance and attracting prosperity are basically the same thing. And the first step to achieving them is by believing that it’s possible. For some, this is the hardest thing to learn about spiritual abundance because they have been conditioned to believe that it’s so difficult to get anywhere in life.

Positive thinking and positive visualization follow the principle that if you picture something and believe that it’s possible, you can make it happen in your life. It’s necessary to learn to do this when it comes to success, your financial situation and any situation in your life you want to change with spiritual abundance.

If you cannot picture yourself with a large bank account, with bills that are paid, with no debt or less debt, you won’t attract those things to you. But abundance can be yours if you’ll learn to first decide what it is that you want and then decide that it can be yours.

Some people write checks to themselves. Some people use a fake million dollar bill. But they focus on these things, they look at them frequently—sometimes several times a day—and they learn to believe that they will have these things.

The law of abundance basically teaches you to tap into the power of your mind and your beliefs to achieve your dreams. It is positive thinking and positive visualization amplified and focused to an even sharper point. Instead of just feeling positive in general, you’ll use that positive feeling toward a specific thing.

If you want to get out of debt, pay off your car or your house, or afford a vacation, you will need a specific amount of money to do those things. And it may seem like too large an amount of money. You might think that there’s no way you can get that much money for those things any time soon.

Instead you see months, maybe years, of scraping and sacrificing other things in order to be able to afford it. Because you can picture that and you believe it, you ensure it will happen that way.

Shift your thinking instead to see yourself effortlessly coming into the money to enable these things in your life, and you will attract spiritual abundance.