Opening your Door to a New World

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New to meditation?  Not sure where to start?  Have trouble just sitting and “doing nothing”?  Guided meditation is a great place to begin.

Often accompanied by music, guided meditation takes you on a journey.  Those journeys will differ widely.  It might be a journey of breath, where you are directed when and how to breathe in and to breathe out.  The flow of breathing relaxes you and allows your journey to flow further into relaxation or to travel in your imagination.  You may be ushered through relaxing every part of your body, from your toes to your head.  In this relaxed state, such mediation may then take you to a beautiful place, be it a garden, a magical forest or a beach.  Visual images and feelings will be invoked as part of the meditation.   The whole idea is to reach a calm, relaxed state of connectedness and oneness. You might be guided into a place where you can receive answers to your questions.  Each guided meditation is different.

One of the fabulous things about living in this time and space is the internet.  If you want to experience guided meditation, then just do a search for it, and you will find numerous different free guided meditations for you to explore.   There are guided stories, mixes of music, relaxation and journeys of the consciousness, and guided hypnotic meditations as well.  A garden of possibilities awaits you with just one search.

This is a way to allow our minds to expand and problem solve, look around corners around which we could not ordinarily see.  In the guided meditations, our boundaries and limitations are momentarily eliminated.  They allow us to enhance our intuitive awareness, access the wealth of the sub-conscious and otherwise go beyond the limitations of our day to day world.  Guided meditations have been used successfully with children, especially problem children who have trouble focusing and relaxing.  Once the children learn to follow the meditations, their work improves  and so too does their ability to think through problems and focus long enough to find solutions.  The experience of guided mediations can truly open the door of our minds to a new world.

Lose Weight by Understanding Your Metabolism

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Western countries are beginning to note the increase in individuals who exhibit obesity and obese characteristics.  No country understands this better than the United States, which have been on the leading edge when it comes to obesity.  However, citizens who are worried about their eating habits and weight control may be able to help themselves simply by educating themselves.  Despite the fact that individuals in the United States are more likely than most individuals in other countries to pursue higher education, there are still a number of people who do not understand how to lose weight.

By understanding the way metabolism works and the ways in which an individual can lose weight, it is easier for these individuals to diet and/or lose weight because they understand the science behind weight lose and appetite control.  When it comes to losing weight, individuals need to be prepared to work with their metabolisms since it is the metabolism of a body that burns off energy and subsequently fat.  Some people are able to increase their metabolism and others are eager to purchase pills that claim to help.  Still, it is helpful for these people to first learn about the metabolism and what they can do to help their metabolism, which would save many people money since they are not immediately going out to purchase supplements that may or may not actually work to help them lose weight.

Metabolism is the body process that keeps an individual alive since it powers the body.  Metabolism is the chemical process wherein the energy and stored fat in your body is burned off in order to help fuel the body.  Almost every involuntary process that takes place in the body is controlled by the individual’s metabolism and this includes cell respiration and re-growth, digestion and other such processes.  BRM stands for the basal metabolic rate.  The word basal means the lowest possible or first possible; the phrase is indicative of the individuals lowest metabolic rate, that is, how much energy the body is able to burn when it is at rest.

When a body is functioning and working, it will burn more energy since the body is required to do more.  The BRM is indicative of the number of calories that the body needs to consume in order to function and stay alive, but not to do anything that would exert the body.  When people want to increase their metabolism, they are looking to increase their BRM.  There are a number of different ways that individuals can try to reach this higher number.  Exercise is a very effective option and it prepares the body to work harder throughout the entire day.  While many people may estimate their BRM, a doctor is the only person who can effectively come up with an accurate number for the individual that would help them to more effectively lose weight.

Although some available metabolism boosting pills can increase the energy that an individual feels, it is widely believed by the medical community that these pills are not effective when it comes to actually increasing one’s BRM.

Mantra Meditation – Sounds that Relax

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Mantra mediation is the use of sound to go beyond the distractions of the mind and open one to the relaxation and peace of the meditative state.  There’s a lot of disagreement about which mantras one should use.  When you search the internet you will find a wealth of different mantras and directions for their use. What does seem to be in agreement is that certain sounds possess a vibrational quality that has positive effects on the human psyche.

Probably the best known of the mantras is OM or the Sanskrit word for the sound of the universe.  Some of the on-line meditation authorities think that you need to focus on the meaning of the mantra as you chant it and others say that the sound vibration itself is all that is necessary.  Online you will find a number of other  Sanskrit mantras.  If you are confused about how to pronounce the Sanskrit you will find both phonetic pronunciations and downloads of the chanting. Of course, you can chant in English.  For example you can breathe in as you say I AM and breathe out as you say AT PEACE.  You can chant a simple word like God or Love.

Breathing and a focus of calming and peace are a continual thread throughout all the information about mantra meditation.  Some reasons for doing a mantra meditation include simple relaxation, using sound as a healing vibration, spiritual enlightenment and as a spiritual or mental discipline.

Whatever your reason, you will need to carve out some time that is just for you.   Make sure you shut off the phones or turn down the ringer and ask others to give you this time and space free from interruption.  Wear comfortable clothes.  Take some deep breaths.  If you do yoga, you might also want to do some stretching and breathing as this will begin to relax the body.  For your sitting and chanting find a comfortable position.  Let the chanting follow your breath.  You might want to chant for a minimum of 10 minutes and some meditation experts recommend that you chant for up to 60 minutes.