Helping your Family Deal with Breast Cancer

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When you get breast cancer it not only affects you, but can also affect your family. They may feel like there is nothing that they can do and start to feel helpless about the situation. Having beast cancer can be a shocking experience for everyone involved. You will have to learn how to handle your situation and how it can affect others in your life. When you have breast cancer it is good to support each other as a family. Explaining to your family what you may have to go through with your cancer ahead of time will help those to better prepare themselves for the situation. Just being yourself will help to insure your family that everything is going to be the same around your home. Stick with your regular routine and make it as though things are not going to change at home. This will make your family feel more comfortable and at ease about the situation.

Let them know there will be days where you are not going to be feeling well. And they may have to help out some around the house. If you tell them these things ahead of time when it actually does happen they won’t feel as bad. Communicating with your family and including them in on everything that you are going through can help them to better understand and prepare for what is happening with your breast cancer. Have discussions and answer any questions that they may have about your breast cancer and let them know that sometimes you may just want to have time for yourself.

You can tell them that you will not be feeling fine all of the time. But this does not have anything to do with them and that it is the disease that is making you feel the way you do. Breast cancer can be hard on the whole family. But letting everyone around you know how you are feeling and preparing them for what you are going to be going through can help the situation where it is not as scary for them. It may seem overwhelming at times but supporting each other every step of the way can help you and your family to get though the tough times a little easier.

Breast Cancer and Alcohol

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Studies have confirmed that alcohol is known to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Women who drink an average of two drinks of alcohol per day may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer over a woman that is only drinking one alcoholic drink per day. This risk can increase even more by drinking an additional alcoholic drink each day. By drinking lower levels of alcohol each day this risk of breast cancer can be reduced. Breast cancer can be a dangerous type of cancer for women. And drinking high levels of alcohol could double your chance of getting breast cancer. Women who drink three or more alcoholic drinks a day could possibly increase their chances for breast cancer up to thirty percent.

Heart disease causes more deaths in women then breast cancer each year. A smaller percentage of women die from breast cancer each year as compared to heart disease. Breast cancer in men is known to be rare because of less tissue in the breast, but there has been no proven evidence saying that alcohol effects vary between men and women. In men alcohol could also increase the risk of breast cancer but the chance of men getting breast cancer is much lower. Young to middle aged women have a lower risk of breast cancer even with drinking alcohol. The risk of breast cancer does increase as you get older and if you are a regular drinker. At an older age breast cancer can affect about nine of every one hundred women. Drinking one alcoholic drink each day can raise your chances of breast cancer about one percentage point. Drinking more then one drink each day can raise it even higher.

Folic acid has been said to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Foods that contain this are dark green vegetables, dried beans, peas, orange juice and other citrus juices and citrus fruits. So if these foods are not in your diet it is a wise choice if you include them each day in your diet. If you have a high folic intake and drink alcohol your breast cancer risk is lower. About the only way that you can ensure that you will not have a breast cancer risk from drinking alcohol is to abstain from drinking any kind of alcohol.

Eat Healthy with Organic Foods

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When you go to the grocery store or supermarket to buy fruits or vegetables, do you pick just any produce or are you particular about getting organic foods?  There is a difference between the two and, after our discussion, you may decide that organic foods are the way to go.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying organic produce.

While both types of produce may look the same, organic foods must be able to meet specific standards of production, including specific growing and processing conditions that are unique to foods that can be labeled “organic”.  For crop foods, the organic foods can’t be grown using any chemical pesticides, non-organic fertilizer, human waste fertilizer or sludge from sewage.  They also cannot be processed using ionizing radiation—a process that kills bacteria but that some people believe is unsafe. Finally, the food can’t be genetically altered.

At one point, organic foods were grown on small farms, particularly those that were family-owned and operated.  In today’s time, however, organic foods are grown on larger farms and are more readily available in most supermarkets, co-ops and health food stores.  In the US, parts of Europe and Japan, the production of organic foods is currently federally regulated
and in other countries, specific organic certification is required before these foods can be sold.

Organic foods can include fresh vegetables and fruits, which are not processed and come directly from the growers through farmer’s markets, supermarkets and roadside stands.  Many of these products are only available during certain times of the year.  One can also get organic eggs, dairy products and meat in their fresh and unprocessed forms.

Organic eggs are generally provided by free-range chickens and not from those kept in cages in large, egg factories.  Organic meats must not come from animals that have been treated with any growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.  Processed organic foods can be found in the organic food section of the supermarket but often are more expensive than
their conventional food counterparts.  Processed organic foods can include canned products, frozen produce, prepared items and even snack foods.

In truth, processed organic foods need only contain a certain percentage of organic ingredients.  In Australia, for example, a food can be labeled “organic” if it contains at least 95% organic ingredients.  In other countries, however, the percentage can be less than that.  Even so, those non-organic ingredients must be free of artificial food additives and no aspect of the food can be processed using chemical ripening techniques, genetic modification or irradiation.  In some cases, the organic food must be made using energy-saving techniques and packaged in recyclable or biodegradable materials.

It’s not always easy to identify whether or not your food is truly organic.  Sometimes, you need to buy directly from an organic grower in order to be certain the food is organic.  More recently, however, foods that are organic can be identified by governmental labeling, stating that the food is “certified organic”.

Because of the safety and wholesomeness of organic foods, you may wish to do you and your family a favor by buying only organic products.  The food tastes excellent and you can be assured you’re getting a product that won’t be harmful to you.

Detox Diet: 8 Benefits to Juice Fasting

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There are many benefits to juicing, especially if you prepare them yourself:

1. If drank fresh, the juice is full of live enzymes, which is helpful the body.

2. Unlike coming out from a packet, the juice is fresh and not pasteurized. Pasteurization many have its conveniences but it has resulted in nutritionally dead foods. During pasteurization, high heat is used and this destroys the vital nutrients within the juice.

3. You consume more vegetables by drinking than by eating. As you probably have experienced, it’s not always possible to eat as many vegetables as you would like. Drinking fresh vegetable juice helps take care of this problem.

4. Digestion and assimilation of the vegetable nutrients is much easier. Your body is in fact, like a juicer. When you eat a celery, your body will digest the celery by extracting the juice to get the nutrition. The fiber is eliminated via the colon and bowel movements. However, if you juice, you have already extracted the juice for the body thus making it easier for your assimilation. Nevertheless, it’s still important to eat whole vegetables and fruits because you need some amount of fiber as well.

5. Fasting gives your digestive system a rest. Since fresh fruit and vegetable juices require little digestion, and are quickly assimilated into your body.  Most of the 10% of bodily energy normally involved in your assimilation, digestion, and elimination is freed up. The end result? You feel a sense of renewed energy after the fast.

6. A fast helps to also break down toxic materials – fat, abnormal cells and tumors–and releases diseased tissues and their cellular products into the circulation for elimination.

7. In addition, new cell growth during fasting is stimulated and accelerated as the required proteins are re-synthesized from decomposed cells (during autolysis). Your serum albumin reading, that is blood-protein level, remains constant and normal throughout your fast, as your body very smartly uses protein and other stored nutrients where needed.

8. Juice fasting is a much gentler process of detoxification as compared to water fasting. For a juice fast, a broad variety of fruits and vegetables should be used in combination and that is necessary to enhance health during the fast. In this manner, the body still gets its daily calories from the easily-digested juices as compared to the more extreme water fast. Thus, the release of toxins from the fat cells in a juice fast is much more gentle and gradual.

Alcoholism and Teenagers

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Alcoholism and teenagers is something you would not expect to hear together. Unfortunately this is becoming a huge problem. More and more teenagers are drinking in excessive amounts. They are becoming addicted to the alcohol. Each weekend there are teens dying from injuries related to alcohol. Do you know what your teen is doing this weekend?
It is a typical weekend for your family. Your teenager is going to hang out at a friend’s house for the weekend. Do you know what they will be doing? Will there be supervision? Will there be alcohol?

The reality is teens are drinking alcohol. Some of this alcohol is being served by parents. Some children’s parents feel if they provide the alcohol their child will be safe at home. While this is illegal, it is also very dangerous. Teens are drinking excessive amounts of alcohol each weekend. This is leading them on a path to alcoholism.
If your teen is going out on the weekends find out where they are going, and what exactly they will be doing. Talk with your child about the dangers of drinking. Explain to them your thoughts and feelings about drinking. Let them know that you do not approve of them drinking. Keep an open line of communication with your teenager. Ask about what goes on when they are at a friend’s house.

Teens need to be aware of the dangers of alcoholism. They need to learn that is can happen to them. Many teens are under the impression that they are invincible. They think they can control how much they drink. They think that nothing bad can happen to them.

Teens are being killed in drunk driving accidents more and more frequently. They think they are ok to drive after they have drunk large amounts of alcohol. A teen and alcohol is a deadly combination. Do not let your teen become a statistic. Know where they are going, and what they are doing at all times.

If you suspect that your child is dealing with alcoholism get them help. Do not wait until it is too late. You could be putting your teens life at risk.

Why Detox Is Good?

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Put simply, an occasional detox works because it gives your body a break. By channelling the body’s energies away from dealing with meals and snacks that are difficult to digest and metabolise, and which play havoc with blood sugar, you can free up energy for regeneration and cleansing. A detoxification regime increases your intake of foods and drinks that serve our bodies well as building blocks. A detoxification plan provides protective antioxidants and simultaneously cuts out those habits that rob you of nutrients and optimal health.

Following a detoxification diet is critical to good health because our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxicity in our everyday lives. Most people can’t avoid everyday pollutants altogether, but they can take steps to protect their health using a healing diet. Once environmental illness is diagnosed, the logical first step to take is removing the offending toxins from a person’s environment and begin body detoxification. Only then can healing begin. Detoxification is the key to getting better.

A detoxification plan doesn’t have to be completely restrictive and boring – actually, it should be fun and tasty! The better the food tastes, the more likely you are to stick to your plan. The definition of a detox diet is pretty simple – remove the foods and ingredients that are causing problems with your health. By removing the offending foods, you allow your body to heal, release built-up congestion and really thrive. Focus on simple, fresh foods and you will have a much easier time detoxifying your diet.

Taking Detox Teas!

As pollutants find their way from our air, food and water into the tissues of our bodies, they tend to take a heavy toll and can interfere with the normal functions of the organ systems. As a result, we are often left feeling swollen, tired, heavy or even “backed up”.

One of the best method of starting to detoxify your body is to start taking herbal detox teas. Detox Tea is a gentle way of combating this condition as it helps the body to clean itself out by aiding the two primary filtering mechanisms, the liver and the kidneys.