Lowering your Risk of Breast Cancer

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There are things that we can do in our lives to lower our risk of getting breast cancer. These things may not only help to lower your risk of breast cancer but can also improve your overall health at the same time. The first thing to do would be to stop smoking if you are a smoker. Smoking is a nasty habit that is hard to break. There are many resources out there to help you to quit smoking. Try anything you can that you think may help you to quit for good. Smoking has been known to increase the risk of getting breast cancer along with the other diseases that smoking is associated with. So if you smoke do everything you can to quit.

Exercising more often can also lower the risk of getting breast cancer. A few extra hours of exercising each week can lower your risk of developing breast cancer. Women that have a weight problem or are overweight can have an increased risk of developing this disease, so you should try and maintain a healthy weight at all times if possible. Being on a low fat diet and exercising regularly can help you to stay at a healthy weight lowering your risk of getting breast cancer. Limiting alcohol use is also a way to lower your risk of breast cancer. The more alcohol that you drink each day will make your risk higher for developing breast cancer. Trying to abstain from drinking alcohol is your best bet to lower your risk of breast cancer.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet can help you to maintain a healthy weight and is also good for your health. When your body is healthier and your weight is good this can also lower your risk of getting breast cancer. Reduce the stress in your life by relaxing as much as possible. This can strengthen your immune system making it easier to fight certain diseases including breast cancer. So make some time each day for yourself to relax and relieve some of the stress from your life.

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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There are different signs and symptoms of breast cancer. One of the first signs or symptoms is feeling a lump in the breast. This lump will feel different then the other breast tissue around it. It is known that more then eighty percent of women discover lumps by checking themselves. A physician can detect breast cancer by giving you a mammogram. Lumps that are found in lymph nodes located in areas such as the armpits or collarbone can also prove to be breast cancer. Other signs and symptoms of breast cancer may be changes in breast size and changes in the shape of the breast, skin dimpling, nipple discharge and nipple inversion.

Inflammatory breast cancer is also known as IBC. Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer may include pain, swelling, an orange peel texture to the skin, a warm feeling to the breast and redness of the breast. When cancer cells invade the small lymph vessels in the skin of the breast this presentation resembles skin inflammation known as inflammatory breast cancer. Another symptom of breast cancer is Paget’s disease of the breast. It is a syndrome that presents skin changes like redness and flaking skin of the nipple. As this advances symptoms may include itching, tingling, sensitivity, pain and burning and on occasion discharge from the nipple. About half of women that are diagnosed with Paget’s will also have a lump in the breast.

Occasionally breast cancer can spread beyond the area where it was detected becoming a metastatic disease. Depending on the location of this metastasis, metastatic breast cancer can cause symptoms. Common sites of metastasis may include the liver, lung, bone, and brain. Breast cancer can cause unexplained weight loss, fever and chills. Pain in the joints and bones, jaundice and neurological symptoms can sometimes be manifestations of metastatic breast cancer. These certain symptoms can also be manifestations of other types of illnesses. In many cases most breast disorder symptoms do not turn out to be breast cancer. But the appearance of any signs or symptoms should be taken very seriously, because of breast cancer being able to strike at any age.

Detecting Breast Cancer

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Detecting breast cancer early on is very important. It is important that you have regular mammograms and have you doctor to check your breasts for lumps. You can check your own breast each month with self exams. If you do these things it will give you a good chance to find cancer in its earliest stage. When breast cancer is detected early the treatment is much more effective and easier on the patient. It is a good possibility that if breast cancer is found early that it may be cured. Mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early on. It can detect lumps up to two years before the lump in your breast can be felt by you. A mammogram is an x-ray of your breast that uses a small amount of radiation. These types of x-rays are very good at detecting if you have breast cancer.

A mammogram is done by putting pressure on your breast with an x-ray machine. Pressure is needed in order to spread your breast out as much as possible to take a better x-ray. It usually takes a couple of minutes to do this. The whole process takes just a few minutes time. When feeling pressure from the mammogram it can sometimes be an uncomfortable feeling, but it is only for a short time before it is over. Mammograms should be given to women over the age of forty at least every two years. If breast cancer runs in your family and your risk is higher you may want to get one every year.

You should start checking your breast for lumps at a young age starting in your late teens and early twenties. Your doctor can tell you about when you should start checking your breast for lumps. It is a good time to check your breasts right after your period is over so that your breast are less tender to the touch. You should check your breast in front of a mirror to see if there is any irregular look to your breast. Then lie down and feel your breast with your fingers in a circular motion and do this all around your breast. When you are through check your nipple for any discharge. You should also check around your collarbone and the armpit area. If there are any irregular changes to your breast of any kind see your doctor right away.

Treatments for Breast Cancer

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When you have breast cancer the treatment you receive will vary depending on the type and stage of breast cancer that you have developed. Your doctor will determine this for you and help you to choose the best treatment that is available to you. The treatment will also vary for you depending on your age and how healthy you are at the time. Standard treatment is given to most people because in the past it has proven to be effective for many breast cancer patients. Standard treatments have been known not to cure all patients and may have many side effects that go along with them. Sometimes clinical trials are chosen for patients for more and better ways to treat their condition. These clinical trials are located all over the country and cover all the stages of breast cancer.

Some treatments may require you to have the cancer removed with some of the tissue that surrounds the cancer. And other treatments may be to have part of the breast removed. It is not uncommon to also have to have some of your lymph nodes removed. Sometimes depending on your tumor, the size of it and its location your treatment may be having surgery to remove the whole breast. All these treatments will require surgery and may be followed with radiation. Your doctor will be able to tell you which surgery will be best for you and for your condition.

After surgery you may have to follow up with chemotherapy and hormone therapy. You may also have to have radiation therapy depending on your condition. If you have inflammatory breast cancer your treatment may be one of the following chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and you may also have to have radiation therapy as a treatment. Or you may have to have a combination of all these types of therapy. It will depend on what you doctor thinks is best for you and treating your breast cancer. Your doctor will determine your treatment options and will let you know what may be the best treatment option for you. Treating your breast cancer will depend on several factors such as the stage and location of your cancer, your health and your age.

Breast Cancer and Alcohol

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Studies have confirmed that alcohol is known to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Women who drink an average of two drinks of alcohol per day may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer over a woman that is only drinking one alcoholic drink per day. This risk can increase even more by drinking an additional alcoholic drink each day. By drinking lower levels of alcohol each day this risk of breast cancer can be reduced. Breast cancer can be a dangerous type of cancer for women. And drinking high levels of alcohol could double your chance of getting breast cancer. Women who drink three or more alcoholic drinks a day could possibly increase their chances for breast cancer up to thirty percent.

Heart disease causes more deaths in women then breast cancer each year. A smaller percentage of women die from breast cancer each year as compared to heart disease. Breast cancer in men is known to be rare because of less tissue in the breast, but there has been no proven evidence saying that alcohol effects vary between men and women. In men alcohol could also increase the risk of breast cancer but the chance of men getting breast cancer is much lower. Young to middle aged women have a lower risk of breast cancer even with drinking alcohol. The risk of breast cancer does increase as you get older and if you are a regular drinker. At an older age breast cancer can affect about nine of every one hundred women. Drinking one alcoholic drink each day can raise your chances of breast cancer about one percentage point. Drinking more then one drink each day can raise it even higher.

Folic acid has been said to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Foods that contain this are dark green vegetables, dried beans, peas, orange juice and other citrus juices and citrus fruits. So if these foods are not in your diet it is a wise choice if you include them each day in your diet. If you have a high folic intake and drink alcohol your breast cancer risk is lower. About the only way that you can ensure that you will not have a breast cancer risk from drinking alcohol is to abstain from drinking any kind of alcohol.

Alaska Vacation Cruise

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Alaska cruise lines are becoming more popular for people that travel to Alaska.  Alaska is a beautiful territory and from the sea you can see some spectacular views of Alaska.  If you are thinking of vacationing in Alaska you should consider an Alaska vacation cruise.  These types of cruises are more expensive than other cruise destinations but are well worth it with all the adventure and the American wilderness that you will see.  The most popular season for Alaska cruises usually run from May through September.  Alaska is a beautiful part of the world that attracts many travelers each year from all over.

If you are going on an Alaska vacation cruise you may notice that most of the cruise ships have cabins that are up to date with all the latest trends.  This is more common in the mid size to larger cruise ships.  When you take an Alaska cruise you will see many beautiful sites such as wildlife, mountains and bays.  This is just a taste of all the natural beauty that will surround you.  Some of these trendy cruise ships will have private balconies, verandahs, big lounges where you can set and look at the views and heated pools.  These things and more will make you feel like you are exploring Alaska in style.

A large Alaska cruise ship can hold up to three thousand people at a time.  There are ships that are smaller and can only hold around two hundred passengers.  These types of ships both have good and bad things about them.  The smaller cruise ships may give you a better view of Alaska but fewer amenities and the larger cruise ships have every thing you need at your fingertips for your convenience but may give you lesser views.  What ever type of cruise ship you decide on they are all excellent choices for touring Alaska.  Most cruise ships have voyages that go to Alaska many times each year.  And these are all very popular cruise ships that travel to many destinations.  So you should not have any problem finding a cruise ship that will please you when you go on an Alaska vacation.

Getting Acne and Why?

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Almost 100% of people between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, will get some form of acne; whether it be a light case or in a severe form. And this is regardless of race or ethnicity.

According to research 40% of those cases are severe enough they require a physician or dermatologist. Acne usually lasts anywhere from five to ten years. Going away around the early twenties.

Acne is supposed to affect men and women equally although research is inconclusive on this point. And, in some cases acne can affect a person as late as their thirties, beyond this age is rare, but there have been some cases.

Acne also has some impact on the economy too. Americans spend more than a hundred million dollars a year, on over the counter medication. According to research those who get acne between the ages 12 and 17 are going through puberty.

This leads to factors such as hormonal changes. In some cases vitamins could be taken, but haven’t been found to enhance healing of acne. In teenage girls, it also seems acne occurs during or just before the menstrual cycle. In both cases hormones and an imbalance of hormones are related.

The question as to why people get acne literally has no conclusive answer. The best answer so far is a chemical or hormonal imbalance in both men and women.

Research has proven however that acne cases among women and the acne flare ups occurred during the menstruation cycle and pregnancy. However, women seem to be more effective at getting rid of the acne than men. This is the result of women treating the acne; compared to most male teens and men do no treat acne as often.

Research has also shown that out of grown men and women who have a problem with acne in their late twenties and early thirties; out of these cases that were severe scarring was seen more with women than men.

Although it doesn’t seem so because women wear make up anyway and often times acne can be covered up, or seen less. Research continues on the skin disease acne. Determining why acne occurs, and what causes acne.

What are DIY teeth whitening kits? Are they safe for use?

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Every person wants to flash a sparkling smile and to do this whiter teeth are required. Though there are number of dentists providing teeth whitening treatments, but to get the most economical and easiest treatment one can try DIY teeth whitening kits. These are designed specifically for people who don’t want to spend money on the expensive treatments given by a dentist. The best part is that the person doesn’t have to go anywhere to get dazzling teeth. At one’s home this kit containing proper system provides satisfactory results. These kits are very cheap as compared to the dental surgeries available for this purpose.

The DIY teeth whitening system is a purely professional system and can be used without any problem. This method is the safest to get rid of discoloration. Also it saves a lot of time because everyone knows that an appointment with a dentist is much time consuming. To preserve the teeth from bacteria and fungi this is the best solution. No one can avoid the drinking and the eating items which give rise to the tooth decay or staining so this is the ultimate product for all these problems.

The teeth whitening kits are easily available on most of the drug stores. Even a person can order them on the internet. Because of the benefits associated with these kits these have become the choice of everyone. These kits are usually available in the form of strips or bleaching gel which is tested in advance so there is no question of harming the teeth or even gums. The easy availability, less expensive and less time consuming are some of the most essential benefits of these wonderful kits. This works like magic and gives instant results.

DIY teeth whitening kits are not just safe but suit the need of every person looking for the best method to get brighter teeth.