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"What is a Blog "

A blog is very much like an online diary, but it can be written by numerous people, or by just one person. It is written on a website in chronological order, but often displayed in reverse order. The word ‘blog’ or ‘blogging’ can also be used as a verb to denote an action - specifically, that of leaving a comment on a blog.

The word ‘blog’, derived from Jorn Barger’s word ‘weblog’ and is said to have sprung into existence when Peter Merholz broke it into the two words  ‘we blog’ on his website for a joke.

When many people interact using a blog, they are usually discussing a particular topic of interest to them. Thus, if someone wants to know what’s the best pink widget to buy for his boat, others will write in with their comment on how that particular widget worked - or didn’t work - on their boats. Blogs are ideal for finding out what other people’s experiences have been with anything you can think of.

If someone is an expert in any topic with much experience that others can benefit from, then he may start up a blog about it and give advice. He may also provide links to other websites that sell things applicable to his area of expertise. Or he may have links to other articles or other blogs about the same topic.

Blogs make use of both text and images, but some blogs focus on photos (photoblog) art (artblog), videos (vlog) and audio, that is, podcasting or MP3. Blogs can be long or short, but those that are extremely short are referred to as micro-blogging. Blogs are usually updated frequently and the technology used today allows people who know very little about it to become bloggers with just a tiny learning curve.

In the early days of blogging, bloggers called themselves journalers, diarists, or even escribitionists. An article or comment written on a blog is called a post, a blog post or an entry. Old blogs on a topic are sometimes referred to as ‘archives’ and may be kept on a different page or pages that are accessed via a hyperlink. There are sometimes a variety of hyperlinks - like the index of a book and they are found on the right or left of the blogging page.

The beauty of blogging is that persons who have the same interest can all come together and discuss it, getting to know each other (in a manner of speaking) at the same time.