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  1. Meditation For Peace
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  1. Instant Relief from Your Acid Reflux
  2. Weight Loss Enigma
  3. The Law of Attraction
  4. Creative Visualization: The Key to Getting What You Want in Life

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Whether you're looking for ebooks for your personal reading pleasure, to give away as promotional items on your own website, or you're looking for ebooks for resale, you've come to the right place.

All of's ebooks are available to purchase for personal use. Most of our ebooks include resale rights, and some include master resale rights.

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Anyone who enjoys reading will love the advantages of an ebook.

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It's late one Friday night and you can't sleep. You know reading helps you fall asleep, but you've read every book in your house about a million times. What you really need is something new -- but, it's way after midnight.

Nothing's open besides the convenience store downtown. And at this hour, who wants to get dressed, get into their car and drive all the way downtown to browse through their measly number of paperbacks?


bookstore open 24/7

Your friendly neighborhood online bookstore is open 24/7! No matter what the hour, we're always open And, your ebook is available immediately. All it takes is just a few moments to download to your computer. No waiting in long line-ups at the checkout counter. No need to leave your chair, or even to change out of your pyjamas. Just like that, it's ready for you to enjoy!

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If you're a already a business owner, you might consider ebooks as a marketing tool.

Your business website exists for one reason -- to make a profit. But, in order to make a profit, you must first attract both new and returning visitors, and then you must convince them to buy from you. If you don't, the resources you spent on your website are wasted.

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I realize there's other websites out there that sell ebooks. So why would you want to buy your ebooks from us? Obviously, we believe we're the best in the business. And we want you to believe that too.

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We've also created possibly the best guarantee in the business. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason just return it to us within 90 days of your purchase, and we'll refund your money. No questions asked!